5 Advantages of OOH Media

5 Advantages of OOH Media

As a brand, there are many types of advertising options to consider. One of the most impactful and valuable forms of advertising is taking advantage of out-of-home media (OOH media). But understanding what sits under the OOH media umbrella can be a bit complex and confusing.

This is because OOH media actually involves a whole range of assets—everything from Tucson billboards to street art or pop-up activations. With so many different platforms to be a player on and to bring your brand to life, it is important to understand the OOH ecosystem so you can figure out a plan that really works for your specific strategies and goals.

For instance, when you look at the options of Tucson billboards, there are numerous ones to choose from. Not only can you choose from static or digital billboards, but you can also look at getting a series of billboards that give you the space to tell a larger story or run a more detailed advertising campaign.

Then, on top of the various types of billboards to choose from, there is also the location of these OOH assets. Depending on the type of audience you want to reach can directly impact the locations you hire out—which is one of the top tips to follow.  For example, if your audience is likely to take the bus, then you would want to look for Tuscon billboards located near bus stops. But if your audience is likely to travel, Tuscon billboard at the airport may make more sense.

Once you figure out your OOH media strategy, you can take make the most of all the OOH media advantages, which we are about to outline below.

1. Affordable Options

Brand awareness done correctly means that you have to make quite an investment upfront. But when you make the most of OOH media, you can actually enhance your brand awareness in an affordable way that drives direct return on investment. Recent studies have shown that the average cost per impression for OOH media outperforms the average online or radio brand awareness campaign.

So while it may cost a bit more money to hire OOH media, it will end up being more affordable in the grand scheme of things because of the resulting brand advocates or new consumers you end up getting. Brand awareness is a journey and OOH media is a great starting point for this.

2. Reach a Lot of People

Another advantage of OOH media is that you can reach a lot of people with just one advertisement placement. In fact, studies show that at least 80% of people notice and remember OOH advertising at least once a week. Plus, OOH media is in high-traffic areas where mass amounts of people will go past. Rather than having to deal with paying for a cost-per-click digital advertising spot online, you can make one payment and know that every day your advertisement will be seen by a ton of people.

3. Create Meaningful Engagement

Advertising is most effective when it creates real engagement. OOH media is reliable for creating quality engagements that can actually drive real conversions for your company. In fact, there have been a range of studies that have come out saying how the average person is more likely to engage with online campaigns if they first have seen the same campaign on OOH media.

This further solidifies the concept of the sales funnel and the importance of the customer journey. To have an impactful advertising campaign, it is necessary to have multiple touchpoints that raise awareness and then convert to purchase. Consistency is key with any campaign and OOH media is the best place to start the journey for any advertising campaign.

4. Make a Real Impact

OOH media offers brands the chance to really bring their brand to life in a large and creative way. Because OOH media assets are normally much larger than your average phone or computer, brands can utilize great content that captures the attention of those passing by. Ads on OOH media can be colorful, and playful and make the most of the power of an image. Those wanting to tell the brand story should make use of the advantage of OOH media because it is basically a blank canvas for them to bring to life.

5. Get in Front of the Right People

OOH media is diverse, meaning that you have the ability to choose the assets that make the most sense to you. This means that based on your market research, you can figure out if OOH media in cinemas, airports or city centers are the most logical for your specific goals.


With so many advantages of OOH media, why not make the most of bringing your brand to life in a creative and impactful way?

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