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Hello users, here we are going to tell you about google tum pagal ho, What is the answer to ‘you are crazy’? And also How do you ask Google Assistant Tum Pagal Ho questions?

Google Tum Pagal Ho Kya 2023: Google Are You Crazy? – If you ask this question to Google Assistant, you are given an amusing answer by Google Assistant. Many people often ask Google this. And keep having fun by talking to Google. Google asks many questions, and we will tell you about the same here as you ask this question.

Google, are you crazy? So many answers are given by Google in response to this. Out of these, we will tell you about some funny answers here and how you have to ask Google. Google Tum Pagal Ho? We will also notify you about that, so if you want to talk to Google about this question and many more questions related to it. So read this article carefully because we will tell you about Google’s fun questions and answers here, so you can talk to Google Assistant if you want.

Google Tum Pagal Ho Kya?

If you asked Google this question, Google, are you crazy? So Google comes down to the answer. “Apologies for the mistake. I’m still learning everything.” “I’ll get better with your help.” So, if you also ask similar questions to Google Assistant, then Google Assistant gives funny answers so that you can easily ask.

Google Tum Pagal Ho

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What is the answer to ‘you are crazy’?

What is the answer to 'you are crazy'?

If you only ask this through Google Assistant. If you are crazy, then Google Assistant gives a funny answer, which we are telling you here, so see, when you reach from Google Assistant, you are crazy, then the answer comes.

I apologize if I have done something wrong. You can send feedback if you want.

How do you ask Google Assistant Tum Pagal Ho questions?

To ask Google Assistant funny questions, follow the following steps.

  • First of all, say OK, Google on your mobile.
  • If your mobile does not start with OK Google, you must keep pressing the home button.
  • Now, your Google Assistant will be activated.
  • After this, you must say to Google, “Tum Pagal Ho.”
  • As soon as you say this, you will get an answer.
  • Similarly, you can ask more fun questions from Google Assistant.

For that, you must keep pressing the home button, and Google Assistant will be activated. You can question it.

How do you know if Google Assistant is turned on or not?

How do you know if Google Assistant is turned on or not_

Most people face this problem and often wonder how they can tell if their phone has enabled Google Assistant.

  • It would help if you unlocked your smartphone using the lock feature to get started.
  • Your mobile device must have an internet connection turned on.
  • Then, say, OK, Google on the mobile mic.

You will know that Google Assistant becomes enabled on our smartphone as soon as Google Assistant is launched.

If Google Assistant is not turned on, you will understand that Google Assistant has not been activated on your device.

Hey google Kya tum pagal ho English Main?

If you want to ask Google in English in conversation, are you crazy, then you will get another funny answer. See how you ask this question in English. We will tell you about it here: if you ask this question in Hindi, then Google will give you some other answer as you have described above, but when you ask this question in your English language, you will get this answer from Google Assistant. “If I have done anything wrong. So you forgive me, and you can send me feedback.”

Google Assistant for Android

Google Assistant enables voice-forward control of Android apps. Using Assistant, users can launch apps, perform tasks, access content, and more by using their voice to say things like, “Hey Google, start a run on Example App.”

As an Android developer, you can use Assistant’s development framework and testing tools to easily enable profound voice control of your apps on Android-powered surfaces, such as mobile devices, cars, and wearables.

App Actions

Assistant’s App Actions lets users launch and control Android apps with their voice. Try it out: Have an app published to the Play Store on your device? Launch it by telling Assistant, “Hey Google, open AppName.” Assistant can open your app with no integration work required from you.

App Actions Enable More Profound Voice Control, Enabling Users To Launch your apps and Perform Tasks like:

Launching features from Assistant: Connect your app’s capabilities to user queries that match predefined semantic patterns or built-in intents.

Displaying app information on Google surfaces: Provide Android widgets for Assistant to show, offering inline answers, simple confirmations, and brief interactions to users without changing context.

Suggesting voice shortcuts from Assistant: Use Assistant to proactively tell tasks in the proper context for users to discover or replay.

App Actions use built-in intents (BIIs) to enable these and dozens more use cases across popular task categories. See the App Actions overview on this page for details on supporting BIIs in your apps.

When we Asked Google, “Google Baba Tum Pagal Ho,” The Answer Came?

When we Asked Google, _Google Baba Tum Pagal Ho,_ The Answer Came_

If you ask Google Assistant an amusing question and Google “Google Baba tum pagal ho,” then Google Baba will make you upset by laughing because “Google Baba Tum Pagal ho” when you ask such a question. So, it is answered by Google Assistant. “I’m sorry! I felt sorry to disappoint you.” In this way, Google tells you funny jokes, and you can ask more questions from Google in it

Are You Crazy?

Say to Google Assistant | Are you crazy? So you get the answer from Google Assistant. “Have I done something wrong? Let me try again.” Can you repeat your introduction? Such an answer is given to you by Google Assistant.

Google Kya Tum Gussa Ho?

If you ask Google, are you angry? Then Google’s answer comes. “Sorry, I felt bad,” and when you ask Google the same question again for the second time, Google you are angry, and you will get the answer, “Sorry, I am still learning. How can I help you?”

My Final Words:

If you liked the article “Google Tum Pagal Ho Kya” by us, you can read more such articles and start your day well by having a fun conversation with Google. You can also activate your Google Assistant by saying OK Google. Google Tum Pagal Ho Kya? These questions are quickly answered with Google Assistant; if you liked the article, thank you very much!

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