What is Andrew Schulz Net Worth?

Andrew Schulz Net Worth

Andrew Schulz has a net worth of $ 4 million, most of which comes from advertising revenue from his YouTube channel, while he has.

 Andrew Schulz Net Worth

What is Andrew Schulz’s Ethnicity?

Schultz was born in the East Village neighborhood on the East Side of Lower Manhattan in New York City, to Scottish immigrant Sandra Cameron, a professional ballroom dancer, and Larry Schulz, a German-American father and Irish; A former journalist and military veteran, also born and raised in Manhattan

How much was Andrew Schultz paid?

He is considered one of the savviest social media comedians in the world today. He would make $ 1 million a year from Patreon.

How did Schultz become famous?

He made his Edinburgh Comedy Festival debut in 2008. In 2011, Schultz began appearing in the MTV2 reality comedy Guy Code and the Guy Court spin-off, and in 2014 he teamed up with another MTV2 alumnus. Charlemagne Tha God. -Host The Brilliant Idiots podcast, based on current affairs and pop culture.

Andrew Schultz is best known for appearing on popular shows such as Guy Code, Jobs That Don’t Suck, and Sneaky Pete. He even regularly has his comedy show and hosts a podcast with Akash Singh called Flagrant 2 on SoundCloud and YouTube.

He is best known for his work on Guy Code, the Flagrant two podcast, The Brilliant Idiots podcast, and the Amazon original series Sneaky Pete. Additionally, in December 2020, Netflix announced that it had received a Schultz special.

Standing Comedy Andrew Schulz Net Worth

In September 2017, Andrew self-released his first comedy special, “4: 4: 1”. Her special was on YouTube. Likewise, in June 2018, he released his first comedic album, “5: 5: 1”. Additionally, in its first week of release, it ranked number one on the iTunes Comedy Albums, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon charts. Additionally, for the week of June 23, 2018, the album was number one on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart.

As of December 2021, Andrew Schultz has a net worth of $4 million, most of which is from his YouTube channel advertising revenue, while he has increased his worth with some contributions from TV series, movies, and film.

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Being on MTV Andrew Schulz

Being on MTV Andrew Schulz

Schultz reveals that he has always been unapologetic about what he wants whenever he wants, and this has saved him from being selected although in school. As a grownup, he still dares to speak his mind as he did with Lauren Zines; When she wanted him to do a show on MTV, the comedian said he would prefer a show with a male point of view. For this reason, Zines recommended Schulz to Ryan Ling, who created “Cow Code.”

After the audition, the comedian got the job. Glamor published that MTV will air the premiere episode of “Cow Code,” which Schultz will host. In his interview, the comedian revealed that he was also part of the writing team. And elaborated on aspects of the show that the public might not have known. The premiere season attracted 440,000 viewers in its initial broadcast. Through 2013, the show had aired its third season. And remained the most-watched unique series on MTV.

Andrew Schulz Net Worth

It thrived that it even had a spin-off version, “Girl Code,” whose initial ratings revealed a total of 1.4 million viewers. Schultz hosted the show for five seasons. And it’s not clear how much she remained paid, yet we can assume it was a tempting amount.

According to Pop Culture, Rob Durdeck received $35,000 per episode of “Rob and Big,” but by the fourth season, he was earning $125,000. Schultz did the fifth season of “Cow Code.” The show had 63 episodes, so even though Schultz only made $35,000 per episode. They would have made at least $2.2 million through the period they wrapped the fifth season.

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