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Department of Local Self-Government

The main objective of the LSGD Engineering Wing is to assist the Local Self Government Institutions, namely Corporations, Municipalities, and Panchayats. Designed & Developed by National Informatics Centre, Kerala, Hosted at State Data Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. Content / Data Managed by KSITM / LSGD,

Department of Local Self-Government

Department News

M.V Govindan Master launches the third batch of ‘Chuvad 22’ training for newly inducted Kudumbashree CDS Chairpersons Kudumbashree to supply banana chips and sarkaravaratti to the Onam kit of Supply

Jafar Malik IAS is the new Executive Director of the Kudumbashree 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Indian Independence: Kudumbashree to produce 50 lakh National Flags

Indian Independence 75th Anniversary Celebrations:

Kudumbashree to Produce 50 lakh National Flags

‘Chuvad 22’: Kudumbashree CDS Chairperson Training Program Begins

Kannur Kudumbashree NHG members launch a distribution network to strengthen Kudumbashree product marketing.

Department News Applications are being accepted on a contract basis for the positions of Program Managers in the Life Mission State Office.

Applications are still being accepted for District Mission Coordinator positions with Life Mission in Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Idukki, and Kozhikode.

DDP Ernakulam – Panchayat Deputy Director’s Office invites quotations for the vehicle for the fiscal year 2021-22.

State Mission Office- Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme- Quotation Notice

District Panchayat –

Applications are invited for the position of Secretary to the Panchayats of Kottayam, Palakkad, Kozhikode, and Kasaragod on Deputation.

The last date for a contract of Beneficiaries listed in the Life Mission Phase II is 12.06.2020

District News Nava Kerala Local Body – 2022 Kannur District Level Review Meeting Concerning the construction and clarification of mobile towers in Grama Panchayats

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation- Internship opportunities with the Mayor Thiruvananthapuram Corporation 2021 Green Army activities have begun in the Chittoor constituency.

Thrissur – Local Self Government Institutions’ 2020-21 Annual Plan – DPC Meeting October 23, 2020

13 Pathanamthitta Inauguration of Digital Meeting Hall in Kannur District Panchayat Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan invites applications for the post of Assistant Engineer on a Contract basis to the Engineering Department

Covid-19 News

An outbreak of Covid-19 – Instructions for reactivating the war room

Covid 19 – State restrictions imposed as preventive measures – revised guidelines.

New Covid Home Isolation Guidelines

Kerala consolidates Guidelines for Covid regulations have been issued.

Covid 19-Penalty-free property tax payment deadline 31/03/2022 Order Extending

Covid 19 – Quarantine conditions at home have remain tightened.

In the case of Omicron diffusion, control

Regarding the provision of three-layer cotton N-95 masks to those who cannot afford quality masks

Containment of Covid 19 pandemic- Extension of lockdown in the State

Flood Assistance

Local governments that have been impacted by landslides and floods will receive a special allocation.

Disaster management at the state level Inauguration of LSGIs

Preparing Livelihood Projects-Special Provision for Flood-Affected Local Governments

Tables for preparing disaster management plans for local governments, as well as guidelines for data collection

Although, Disaster management LSGI -local resource group -order

Similarly, Guidelines for allocating special funds to flood-affected local governments

But, Budget Allocation 2019-20 to Flood-Affected Local Governments in Kerala – Rs 270 crore for various projects

Malappuram -Kavalappara- a fund to buy land for 462 families

Similarly, LIFE-Chief Minister inaugurated the Construction of a Housing Complex applying Pre FAB Technology in Kadambur Panchayath-Kannur

Also, Kozhikode kalluthan kadavu, dhobiwala, stream colony families to new flats

But, Nammal Namukkayi – Regional Level Disaster- Action Plan for reducing the severity- Map Reading and Interpretation

Government Orders

But, Local governments that have remain impacted by landslides and floods will receive a special allocation.

Tables for preparing disaster management plans for local governments, as well as guidelines for data collection

Although, Guidelines for allocating special funds to flood-affected local governments

Also, Budget Allocation 2019-20 to Flood-Affected Local Governments Disaster Prevention Activities in Local Bodies

Similarly, Flood – LSGD Control Room Closed Flood – Suggestions for conducting post-flood emergency relief operations 4/294/2019/Tasvabhava-12/08/2019 Circular

Although, Flood Relief – Urgent Action Required by Local Governments – Circular Flood Relief – Circular for Active Participation by Local Bodies

But, Circular 2 to LSGD on Flood Relief Officials will coordinate disaster management efforts.

Also, New Control Room at the Department Head’s Office for Rainfall Assistance Operations Coordination

Although, Arrangements for relief measures in response to monsoon damage Disaster Management control room at LSGD


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