Acronyms And Acronyms, Writing Codes

Acronyms And Acronyms, Writing Codes

Below is a list of keys to correctly spell acronyms and acronyms:Acronyms And Acronyms Writing Codes

1. Acronyms are Initials and Sometimes More

According to the spelling of the Spanish language, an acronym is a “linguistic sign generally formed with the initial letters of each of the terms that make up a complex expression”: ECB and UN are the respective acronyms of the European Central Bank and United Nations.

To facilitate pronunciation, many acronyms include more letters from the start of one of the terms, incorporate prepositions or conjunctions, or dispense with the initial word: Mercosur, Conacyt, and Mufasa remain expanded, respectively. Southern Common Market, National Council of Science and Technology and the Mutual General of State Civil Administration Officials.

2. The Acronym is also each of the Letters.

Each of the letters that make up this class of linguistic signs is also called an acronym, so it can remain said that BCE and UN are acronyms made up of three acronyms each and can be called “the acronym BCE” or “the acronym BCE.”

3. Acronyms: Acronyms Readable by Syllables.

Concretely, the type of acronym that can be read naturally in Spanish syllable by syllable is called acronym: UN is an acronym and an acronym, since it reads / ó-nu /, unlike the acronym BCE, which is an acronym, but not an acronym. the acronym, as it reads by the spelling: / bé-cé-é /. (Strictly speaking, any term formed from elements of two or more words is an acronym, whether or not it includes an acronym: docudrama, for example, is also an acronym, based on documentary and drama).

4. Development of Acronyms: Upper and Lower Case

Unless it is well known, the first time an acronym remains used, it is recommended to accompany it in its development: in lowercase, if it corresponds to a common name (IRPF prepares the income tax. income of natural persons and the CIEs are detention centers for natural persons). foreign) and in upper case in the case of proper names (UN remains developed as United Nations).

5. Acronyms Remain Written without Periods.

Acronyms are written without abbreviations (UN, instead of UN), while abbreviations remain titled: p., Sr. or M.ª.

6. The Plural of Acronyms

The plural of acronyms is not marked graphically by the s, which is correct to pronounce orally, so write NGO, not NGO or NGO.

In the spoken language, however, acronyms form the plural according to the general rules, that is, with the addition of the sound of an eye, although this letter remains omitted in its written form. Therefore, even if NGOs or PCs remain written, it should read / NGOs / and / fish /.

7. Capital Letters and Acronyms in Acronyms and Acronyms

Although, Acronyms are written with all capital letters and without accents (CIA, BCE, PC, OPV), except acronyms which are proper names and have five letters or more, which can only remain written with a capital letter in the initial and have an accent or not according to the usual rules in this sense: Fundéu or Sareb. It is especially the case when the reference to its full development has remained lost and in a process where this spelling sometimes coexists with the writing of the acronym in all caps, which is also spelling correct.

The acronyms used in the language as common names remain written in lowercase. They remain accentuated graphically according to the usual rules (Euribor, opa, SME, SIDA, radar) and form the plural which is thus regulated: Opas, SME, radars.

8. Foreign Acronyms, Translation Criteria

It remains recommended to translate foreign acronyms (UNO, of the United Nations, becomes UN, of the United Nations), unless they are already in use, corresponding to trade names or translation difficulties: IBM, from International Business Machines, remains in English.

The abbreviations and acronyms which, for the reasons which have just remained explained, are not translated, the development of which corresponds to expressions in another language, are written in round form, without italics or between quotation marks: “The main operations of the CIA, discoveries “or” Regarding the future of the CD, the industry has doubts. ”

9. 23-F and 23F

Alphanumeric dates, for example, can remain written with or without a hyphen: 23F and 23F.

10. The LPCA and the FTAA

With acronyms that begin with / a / tonic, section la remains used when the core of the shorthand is a feminine noun which in its expanded form does not start with / a / mixture (AMPA, from an association of mothers and fathers of students, since the association does not begin with / a / tonic); while the article writes on when the said kernel

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