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A graphics tablet is a processer input device that enables an operator to hand-draw images, animations, and graphics with a special pen-like stylus, similar to how a person draws pictures with a pencil and paper. These tablets may also remain used to capture data or handwritten signatures. It can also remain used to trace an image from a piece of paper taped or otherwise secured to the tablet surface. Capturing data in this way by tracing or entering the corners of linear polylines or shapes is called digitizing.

The device consists of a rough surface upon which the user may “draw” or trace an image using the attached stylus, a pen-like drawing apparatus. The idea is shown on the computer monitor, though some graphic tablets now also incorporate an LCD screen for a more realistic or natural experience and usability.

Digital Slate Write For Us

digital slate write for us The first electronic handwriting device was the Telautograph, patented by Elisha Gray in 1888.

The first graphic tablet resembling contemporary tablets and used for handwriting recognition by a computer was the Stylator in 1957. Better known (and often misstated as the first digitizer tablet) is the RAND Tablet, also known as the Grafacon (for Graphic Converter), introduced in 1964. The RAND Tablet employed a grid of wires under the pad’s surface that encoded horizontal and vertical coordinates in a small electrostatic signal. The stylus received the password by capacitive coupling, which could be decoded back as coordinate information.

The acoustic tablet, or spark tablet, used a stylus that generated clicks with a spark plug. Microphones then triangulated the clicks to locate the pen in space. Unfortunately, the system was relatively complex and expensive, and the sensors were susceptible to interference by external noise.

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