Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson was born between 1965 and 1968. His father was Alan “Al” Munson, a man known for hatching doubtful schemes. At some point, Al became inattentive from Eddie’s life, and Eddie became the ward of his fatherly uncle, Wayne Munson. The two lived at Wayne’s preview in Hawkins’ Forest Hills Trailer Park.

During the late 1970s, Eddie appeared Hawkins Middle School alongside Chrissy Cunningham. Sometime during their attendance, Hawkins Middle School held a talent show in which both Eddie and Chrissy contributed. Eddie was impressed by Chrissy’s cheer-leading though Chrissy fondly recalled Eddie’s rock band, Corroded Coffin. Eventually, the two floated apart once they began attending Hawkins High School, however Eddie never held animosity towards her.

Eddie Stranger Things

Eddie Stranger Things

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things! He’s definitely a fan favorite from season 4. What would you like to know about him? I can tell you about:

  1. His character: Eddie is the leader of the Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons group at Hawkins High. He’s passionate about metal music and has a rebellious streak. He gets falsely accused of murder and becomes entangled in the Upside Down’s horrors.
  2. His memorable moments: There are many! From his dramatic escape from the Demogorgon in the Upside Down to his epic guitar solo to distract Vecna. Eddie has provided some truly iconic moments.
  3. His impact on the fandom: Eddie has quickly become a beloved character for his loyalty, courage, and love for all things metal. He’s spark tons of fan art, cosplay, and discussions online.
  4. His fate: Unfortunately, Eddie doesn’t make it out of season 4 alive. He sacrifices himself to buy time for Dustin and the others, leaving fans heartbroken but also admiring his heroism.

Or, if you have something else specific in mind, just ask! I’m happy to chat about Eddie and all things Stranger Things.

Eddie from Stranger Things

Eddie Munson! There’s so much to talk about with that metal-shredding, Dungeon Master extraordinaire. What specifically about him piques your interest? I can dive into:

  1. His personality: We can explore his rebellious spirit, his passion for D&D and metal, his moments of vulnerability, and how he grapples with being misunderstood.
  2. His role in the story: Let’s discuss his impact on the Hawkins gang, his connection to the Upside Down, and how his choices shape the season’s plot.
  3. His iconic moments: From his dramatic Upside Down escape to his heroic sacrifice, there are plenty of scenes that solidified Eddie’s place in fans’ hearts.
  4. His legacy: We can chat about the fan outpouring of love for Eddie, how he represents outsiders and misunderstood individuals, and what his potential influence could be.

Anything else! No question is too big or small when it comes to Eddie. If you have a specific scene, quote, or theory you want to discuss, I’m here to listen and engage.

Does Eddie Die in Stranger Things

Does Eddie Die in Stranger Things

Eddie Munson brings sarcasm and funniness to Stranger Things, and his death is one of the most tragic and important instants of season 4. After saving Dustin Henderson, Eddie grabs his guitar and the stage a Metallica song in an epic, unforgettable scene. Eddie knows that not everybody can get out of the Advantage Down alive, as Vecna’s evil is too strong, and he needs his friends to remember him in a confident, special light. Eddie feels ashamed of how nervous and unconfident he has been in the past and chooses to be bold, confident, and heroic.

How Does Eddie From Stranger Things Die?

In the Stranger Things season 4 finish, “The Piggyback,” Eddie and Dustin remain in the alternate-dimension form of the former’s family trailer in the Upside Down, with the Demobats creation dismaying sounds on the roof. Eddie saves Dustin and becomes on his bike, knowing that the bats are going to come after him. Eddie then makes the difficult and important decision of his life: he’s going to decease so that everyone else can live. He knows exactly what he’s doing and changes forward with his plan.

Eddie losing his body and depth in the music is one of the more memorable parts of Stranger Things season 4. When Eddie plays his Advantage Down song, “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, the character stocks his love for heavy metal and discoveries joy in a terrifying moment. The bats slope upon Eddie, who knows this is it. Stuck with nowhere to go, Eddie finds some internal strength that he didn’t know he had. He takes pride in his bravery and likes that he can challenge fear and save his friends. It’s sweet seeing Eddie knowledge so much in a short period of time, despite the darkness of this moment.

Why Eddie’s Stranger Things Death Matters

Stranger Things has always highlighted the bonds Dustin makes with his friends, whether that’s his unique group, a baby Demogorgon, or Steve Harrington. In season 4 of the show, Dustin develops another crucial bond with Eddie, and this brings meaning to the latter’s death. Eddie cares about Dustin and learns that having compassion and love for others isn’t corny or silly. This allows him to change as a person and feel the sense of connection that he has never had with his family or fellow Hawkins residents. Eddie and Dustin’s brief time together feels meaningful and speaks to the fact that the show is all about close friendships.

Eddie also has a meaningful death because he inspires the show’s other characters to be courageous, too. While Stranger Things has a fake death problem and often makes it seem like major characters will die when they are just fine, the conclusion to Eddie’s storyline is powerful. When the main characters stand in a field and realize that the Upside Down is taking over. The fierce determination on their faces is a homage to Eddie’s spirit. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in particular seems ready to fight, and she will likely lead the charge once again in season 5.

How Old is Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson’s age in Stranger Things is a bit of a mystery with some conflicting clues. Here’s what we know:

The evidence suggesting he’s around 20-21:

  • Repeated senior year: It’s mentioned he’s retaking his final year for the third time in 1986. This implies he’s older than typical seniors (17-18) and would be closer to 20 (possibly having skipped a grade earlier).
  • Actor’s age: Joseph Quinn, the actor who portrays Eddie, was born in 1994. While not directly Eddie’s age, it can hint towards the intended portrayal being someone a few years older than the core teenagers.
  • Interview confirmation: Joseph Quinn stated in an interview that Eddie is destined to be around 20/21.

Conflicting evidence:

  • Missing person poster: In the final episode, Eddie’s uncle replaces a missing person poster stating Eddie’s age as 17. This contradicts the other indications of his age.
  • Time discrepancy in the Upside Down: Eddie dies in the Upside Down, which is frozen in time at 1983. This could technically make him 17 there, but it doesn’t explain why his missing person poster reflects that when it’s placed in the present (1986).


Based on the majority of evidence, Eddie Munson is most likely intend to be around 20-21 years old in Stranger Things season 4. However, the conflicting detail of the missing person poster leaves some room for interpretation.

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