Every Fact You Should Know about Watermarking PDFs

Watermarking PDFs

At the moment, the use of digital technology for document preservation is relatively standard. The flexibility provided by this sort of innovation gave us better tools for organizing our files. Human beings have always been flawed creatures, despite this. This means that there may be mistakes in technology use still.

Employees, for example, may treat a file inappropriately if they have no guidelines or cautions concerning its proper usage. It’s possible that the file is supposed to be kept secret or that it’s not yet final, but that someone who has access to it has exploited it. There’s a good chance that this matter may lead to legal troubles, disagreement, and other harmful consequences.

The good news is that there are a few methods to keep it from occurring. Get the most out of watermarking your PDFs by learning about how it works and how you can apply it.

Watermark your PDFs with GogoPDF

Portable document format (PDF) is a file sharing and document preservation favorite. Thus, these files require primary watermarking. If you have never added a watermark to your PDF files, you can learn how by searching “add watermark to PDF” on the web. You’ll discover several websites that include watermarking solutions without a doubt.


You may do this task entirely for free using the Add Watermark tool from GogoPDF, a widely known online service. Its pleasant user interface and robust security make it a popular choice, even if one only has basic digital literacy skills. What is more, no program downloads are needed. The following steps will be your guide in using the watermarking tool.

  1. Choose and upload your PDF document to the watermarking tool.
  2. Modify and customize your watermark as needed. You can use any image you have prepared beforehand or text that you want to insert.
  3. Place your watermark appropriately on your document.
  4. Save all changes and download the file once done.

GogoPDF makes it possible to accomplish this operation in a short amount of time. It has a quick rendering speed with your personalizations and tweaks. All of your data is stored in the cloud, which you can access from any device. Up next, we’ll consider several watermarking benefits and strategies you’ll find helpful to employ going future.

Why does it matter to watermark my PDFs?

A myriad of reasons exists as to why PDF watermarking is crucial. It might involve notifying users about your file’s status, laying claim to your intellectual property, and acting as a security layer for your data. Read on to know why it’s true!

Protecting copyright

The global network is a large and interactive platform where individuals come together. Enforcing copyright on the internet may be a challenge. You may post a snapshot of a nice view on a certain social media network, for example. Unless you watermark your picture, someone might duplicate it and claim it as their own!

Your PDFs can be sent through email to your fellow collaborators from a different angle. You want to make sure your file is safe; therefore, you don’t want someone to make a counterfeit of it. One of the choices available to you is watermarking. If you do that, you will be putting a security layer over your intellectual property.

Regulating document usage

You may insert text into your documents as a watermark. This function lets you mark a PDF file as CONFIDENTIAL, FOR APPROVAL, or whatever else its status may be. Those who check out the file will see a big watermark right in the middle of the document and will be reminded of it whenever they read the contents.

Individuals can misuse their PDFs because of a lack of visual cues. For instance, a draft agreement might be released without management clearance. This conduct may lead to the loss of money and erode the trust people have in the institution. You can correct the problem with watermarks.

What is the best way to create my watermarks?

Place a watermark on top of your file, and the fight for ownership might still not be won. Owing to the many sophisticated tools available online, it would be simple for others to use certain editors to alter them. To provide aid with watermarking PDFs, we gathered some useful suggestions.

Set the right watermark opacity

Your best bet is to use semi-transparent watermarks. This way, people can identify the owner of a file that they are looking at, as well as easily see its contents. It offers an insight into your file while safeguarding it at the same time. GogoPDF’s Add Watermark feature allows you to customize the opacity, placement, and size of your watermarks.

Adjust the location and dimensions of the watermark

Make sure you do not put your watermark on the margins of your document. Even if you would like your intellectual property to be recognized, placing it at the center is still the best option. Always expand your watermark to make sure that it completely covers the most essential aspects of your property.


Watermarks have been around for ages, and the concept has shown its worth from its original conception. You may use online tools to accomplish this, and GogoPDF’s Add Watermark tool is a fantastic choice. Put watermarks on your PDF files today to help secure them!

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