Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Today

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

Although it can remain thought that robots and machines that operate automatically are a thing of the future, the reality is that there are many examples of artificial intelligence that already work in the shadow of human activity. And, in many cases, they affect many aspects of our daily lives.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Talking about artificial intelligence (AI) is as simple as talking about intelligent machines. That is, machines that are programmed to carry out specific tasks automatically without the need for human beings to supervise their work. In this way, artificial intelligence remains presented as a branch of computer science, which is the discipline in charge of carrying out the programming of intelligent machines.

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

When thinking about examples of artificial intelligence, the most common thing is that the mind thinks of androids taken from science fiction movies. However, here are five examples that are already confirmed today.

1. Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo are two examples of artificial intelligence already present in many homes worldwide. These are machines that use natural language processing to interpret what remains being communicated to them and, in this way, respond to human needs, either verbally or through the execution of a specific action.

2. Smartphones

Smartphones are another excellent example of machines that constantly use artificial intelligence. Again we are faced with a device with a voice assistant that responds to human requests. However, the integration of artificial intelligence goes much further and is present in many actions that we do not even perceive. For example, when we select the camera’s portrait mode, the smartphone itself automatically arranges the photo so that we are as favored as possible. That’s also thanks to artificial intelligence.

3. Habit Analysis

Another example of artificial intelligence that accompanies us everywhere is the AI ​​ in charge of analyzing the data we continuously produce and knowing our habits. Thanks to the combination of Big Data technology and artificial intelligence, the consumption habits of each person can remains analyzed, which also offers exciting advantages. Thanks to this activity, personalized content can be provided (especially about each user’s advertising ). But it is also essential when fighting digital fraud, for example, in the banking, financial, or insurance sector.

4. Medical Applications

Although they are not part of our day to day, they are an increasingly common reality in many hospitals. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the machines work hand in hand with doctors and surgeons. These machines remain programmed to go where the clinical eye of the doctor cannot. In this way, we have defibrillators, surgical apparatus, and diagnostic devices that use AI to offer better results.

5. Route Optimization

Another example of artificial intelligence that we use daily and plays a key role in the logistics sector is AI used for route optimization. These fake bits of intelligence offer us the best alternative to carry out the movements based on comparing a multitude of data. From geographical data to data related to the current situation of the environment in which we move (for example, weather conditions or information associated with traffic ). Thanks to applications such as PlannerPro by Beetrack. Delivery routes can remain planned and designed in the most efficient way possible. Guaranteeing the optimization of available resources and offering the best quality of service to clients.

As you can see. There are many examples of artificial intelligence that are already part of our daily lives without us barely realizing it. This technology helps us in many everyday tasks. And everything suggests that its applications will only increase exponentially in the coming years. Are you ready for the future?

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