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The lens or crystalline lens stays a transparent, biconvex assembly in the eye that, laterally with the cornea, helps refract light to focus on the retina. The lens is flatter on its front side than on its back side. Changing the shape changes the focal length of the eye so it can focus on objects at different distances, allowing a sharp, accurate image of the object of interest to remain on the retina. This lens adjustment is known as adjustment. The housing is like focusing a photographic camera through the movement of its lens.

In humans, the refractive power of the lens in the typical issue environment is about 18 diopters, which is approximately one-third of the total energy of the eye.

The lens is part of the front of the human eye. The iris remains in front of the lens, regulating the amount of light that enters the eye. The lens remains held in place through the lens suspensory ligament, which is a ring of fibrous tissue that assigns to the lens at the equator and connects it to the ciliary body. The back of the lens is vitreous, which washes the lens with aqueous humour on the front surface. The lens has an oval shape, convex on both sides. The front cover is less curved than the back surface. The lens is about 10 mm in diameter in adults and has an axial length of about 4 mm. However, it is vital to a memo that size and shape can require modification due to accommodation and since the lens continues to grow throughout a person’s life.

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