Free Software and Privacy in daily life

Software for all needs

There is free software for all kinds of uses. There are also free, complete operating systems that quickly replace Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, even on computers with limited resources and proprietary systems considered obsolete. Some free programs like Firefox or VLC are well known, but there are many more to discover. Free programs intended for the general public, being generally also accessible, can be tested. It is possible to learn how to use new ones; They allow you to create, express yourself and develop new skills without limitations.

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Loyal Software

By not depending on multinationals, free programs do not pretend to control users. So they can be installed without fear of encountering parasitic programs that spy and bind us. Choosing a free operating system means enjoying computing without viruses, without advertising or abusive conditions, without extra costs, and without the obligation to create an account with a provider. By focusing on its core function, free software is lightweight, efficient, and gets straight to the point.

Software that Protects the Privacy

The PRISM scandal and the French law on surveillance highlighted that surveillance by states is massive. Most internet service providers exercise their management for commercial purposes and have collaborated with the NSA (the US spy agency). Free software guarantees the preservation of our data and communications. This type of free software is what allowed Edward Snowden to reveal, without being located, the documents obtained at the NSA. You trusted such software because access to its source code will enable you to verify it.

There is also free software installed on servers to access the Internet: web pages, webmail, social networks, self-hosting. Associations and companies provide services of this type, offering greater transparency and guaranteeing that they do not control the user. This approach corresponds to the ethics of free software. There is quite a long way to go to reach a similar level of service. Still, the characteristic of free software is to allow users and developers to work together to build the computing we want, rejecting any concession that threatens our privacy and freedoms.

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