How a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Can Help When Your License Is Revoked?

Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Can Help When Your License Is Revoked

las-vegas-dui-lawyer – The suspension of your driving privileges is one of the most severe DUI consequences. Almost everyone relies on their car to and from work and most other responsibilities. You’ll want to get your driving privileges returned as soon as possible if they’ve been suspended.

Before legally driving, you must complete all requirements and obtain a new driver’s license from the DMV. If you’ve been charged with DUI/DWI and your license has been suspended for more than 30 days, you should be aware that it will not be immediately reinstated. You won’t be permitted to drive until you have finished the reinstatement process, for example, if you were sentenced to a six-month suspension period and the six-month time has elapsed.

These are the procedures to follow if your license has been suspended due to a DUI.

Having a Suspended or Revoked License

If you are guilty of certain offenses or crimes, a court has the authority to suspend or revoke your driver’s license under state law. If you’re arrested or charged with a felony, you may risk losing your driving privileges without even realizing it.

You could face serious consequences if your license has been revoked. Some locations are difficult to reach or are completely inaccessible without a car. By relying on others to carry you or paying for Uber and Lyft rides, you are putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Some people even lose their jobs for not possessing a license. Hence, having your license revoked is truly life-altering.

Understanding DUI License Suspension Penalties

Consult with an experienced Las Vegas DUI Lawyer to avoid or reduce the severity of penalties such as the following:

Your license was confiscated upon arrest.

To receive your license back from the DMV at the end of your suspension or revocation period, you must pay a $125 reissue charge ($100 if you were under 21). (DMV). Before your license can be returned, you must also confirm your financial responsibilities.

Your BAC test results showed 0.08% or higher.

Your first offense for DUI might result in a four-month ban if you failed a chemical BAC test. A one-year penalty could be imposed for subsequent crimes within ten years.

Your BAC test showed 0.01% or more while you were under the legal drinking age of 21. Under the state’s Zero Tolerance Law, juvenile DUI drivers face a one-year suspension of their driver’s license.

You refused to take a BAC Test When Stopped By An Officer

refusing to take a breathalyzer test results in a one-year suspension for first-time offenders, a two-year revocation for second crimes, and a three-year revocation for a third or subsequent violation within ten years.

Officials can take away your driver’s license and driving privileges on two occasions: when you’re arrested and convicted. Police may take Administrative Per Se action against your driving privileges only if you are arrested for DUI. This is a DMV suspension or revocation that is not related to any judicial consequences. Following a court conviction, the courts might impose extra fines, jail terms, or license suspension/revocation as a necessary measure. A knowledgeable DUI lawyer can help you understand the precise penalties that apply to your case and get you through regaining your driving privileges as quickly as possible.

Restricted Driver’s License After a DUI

With a temporary license, the courts may issue a suspension or revocation order. If you hold a valid driver’s license, you can use this temporary license to drive for 30 days. You have 30 days to drive with this license before your suspension or revocation term begins. You can choose to apply for a limited driver’s license at this point. After a DUI-related license suspension or revocation, you may be able to reclaim limited driving rights to go to and from employment, school, court-ordered programs, and religious gatherings.

You can apply for a limited license with your county DMV once your 30-day waiting period is up. You must present enrollment documentation in a compulsory DUI program, pay a $125 charge, and show proof of financial responsibility. If the DMV grants you a limited license, you may only drive to and from your place of employment, court-ordered programs, school, or church. Otherwise, you may not drive. You will not be eligible for a limited license if you refuse to take a BAC chemical test.

Ways to Get Your License Back

Keep an eye on the status of your suspension or revocation. At the end of your period, the DMV does not instantly reinstate your driver’s license. You must serve out the remainder of your DMV or court sentence.

You may seek license reinstatement after your suspension time has ended, you’ve served your full jail or prison sentence, completed a DUI program, and met all other sentence conditions. Before you file for reinstatement, you must cover your car with insurance. You’ll need evidence of insurance in the form of an SR-22 from your car insurance carrier. A reinstatement fee must also be paid. Depending on your age, this will cost $125 or $100. You should now be able to finish the reinstatement application and successfully reclaim your driving privileges.

If your vehicle has been confiscated by law enforcement owing to a prior DUI conviction or another reason, you must get it back as soon as possible. Every day your vehicle is impounded, the state imposes a fee. Don’t wait until your license suspension is over to retrieve your car. Visit the location where your vehicle is being held as soon as possible. Bring evidence of registration, insurance, a temporary driver’s license, and enough cash to cover the impound cost (typically cash). Your vehicle will only be released to the registered owner.

Losing your driving privileges is a severe matter. If you’ve remained penalized for driving under the influence, you should do everything to contest the charge. Keep in mind that the quicker you take action, the better. The best time to preserve your driving privileges is before any decisions in your case remain reached.

Having a competent DUI attorney on your side will be the most effective strategy while facing the suspension or revocation of your license. Court dates come quickly, and you want to be confident that you have the best representation possible.

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