How to make a ‘repost’ on Instagram

Just as you can make a ‘retweet’ on Twitter, share on Facebook or repine on Pinterest, on Instagram, it is also possible to ‘repost’ content. Of course, there is no button itself; Facebook (owner of Instagram) has not incorporated it at the moment, but you can share photos from other accounts through external ‘apps,’ and even by taking a screenshot. The only thing that always, always, always. You have to do is quote the source.

What is a ‘repost’ or ‘program on Instagram? This sharing occurs after a user publishes a photo to their account, but the image has previously been published to added account. Many companies take this practice as a part of their strategy in this social network when launching a campaign.

And it is that this way of sharing the content of other users, or ‘influencers,’ generates a fresher way for brands to spread their content. Even those publications grant better interaction ranks, and even, in turn, they are more conducive for any user to share them.

Therefore, making a ‘repost’ on Instagram is key for many companies, but it is also becoming common for many users who find images or videos of interest online. There is no button to access the function directly, so there are several methods to do so. Of course, you always cite the source that performed the action and even ask for permission.

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Shared manuallyShared manually

  1. First, find, locate or come across a photo that you want to share on Instagram.
    2. Take a screenshot of the image.
    3. Select the camera button to proceed to upload an image.
    4. Crop the screen so that only the photo is visible (Instagram allows it to be done here, but it can be done previously in an image editing tool).
    5. Once you have reached the last step, you have to go to the comments text box to write what you want and type the image source. That is, who is the creator. You can use the formula: “Credit: @username” or “Author: @username” and even “(camera logo): @username.”

Installing an external ‘app.’

To do this, you have to download the ‘app’ in question to the terminal. One of the most used is ‘Repost for Instagram’, which is compatible with iPhone and Android.

The next step is to install it and start using it. When opening it, the first thing it will ask for is to ‘log in’ to the desired account; Once identified, you will have to select the photo, but returning to Instagram, and following these steps:

  1. Having decided on the content to be reposted, you will have to click on the three points in the upper right. When doing so, a drop-down with options will appear, in which you must select ‘ Copy URL. ‘ It causes it to be copied to the terminal clipboard and the REPOST ‘app.’
  2. You have to go to the application, and the list will show all the images before the content that takes remained saved. You have to click on the one you want to share at that moment, and the ‘repost’ will begin.
  3. The uploaded photo will have to carry a kind of ‘banner,’ which can be light or dark and that can go in the desired position ( up, down, left, or right ). When clicking on ‘repost,’ a default text will be saved, with the mention of the author that will be posted later.
  4. Pressing ‘ Copy on Instagram ‘ will open the photo on Instagram as if it were your own. And, as in a normal publication, you can add filters, crop, or edit the image.
  5. It only remains to paste the text saved, edit it as desired, and share the image on Instagram.

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