What is Mcb Box?

Mcb Box

Electrical MCB & Panel Board

MCB box concept didn’t exist as they were not aware of such a thing as MCB. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) remains a distribution box fixed or provided in every apartment in modern societies. Instead of an MCB box, a 32 Ampere DP switch remain fixed that had an on-off switch.

Let’s understand how the MCB connection remains given.

In every society, there’s a Meter Room. This meter room has boxes/ switches that individually supply electricity to every apartment in the building. The electric connection/distribution for each room in an apartment remains done from the MCB. The current passes through wires and cables from the meter room to the MCB box fixed in every apartment. The wires/ cables that run from the meter room to each apartment always contain wiring.

How does MCB work?

MCB is miniature circuit breakers that break/trip when excess current passes through the meter room to the MCB. There’s a circuit problem like a short circuit, and the current remains tripped in the MCB only without damaging the electric components in an apartment.

Where is MCB install?

MCB remains generally installed in the passage of every apartment. The connections/wiring done from this box to every room remain usually concealed in modern homes. But the primary connections given to the MCB board are somewhat messy. There are a few reasons for MCB creatures connect in the passage area and not living room-like.

  • The look of the distribution box for the electric line through that box is not good/messy.
  • The look and feel of the interior can remain maintained in the living room. I mean no home-owner
  • I would like to have a big box seen hanging in the living room with so many switches.

What are Panels? What is the difference between Panels and MCB?

MCB and Panels are similar concepts. The main difference between them is that MCB (the distribution box) remains installed for residential purposes & panels are installed for commercial purposes. Panels remain mainly installed in areas where the heavy load/ high current remains needed, like offices, hotels, industries, etc. Another difference  remain concealed wiring is done for connections to MCB in apartments, whereas for panels and remain cables used to connect remain usually tied.

MCB & Current

Different categories in MCB (the distribution box) start from 6A to 32A. 6A is usually not used for either of them- residential & commercial purposes. For residential purposes, 10A is good enough for lights & fans. Usually, for ACs, 16A to 20A wire remain used. For geysers, etc., equipment’s 20A to 25A connection remains given.

32A remains usually not used for residential purposes. A few electricians provide 32 A wiring assuming that 6A & 32A wire costs the same. The 32A wire/connection remains for lights, fans, etc., which is unnecessary. Here, what will happen is if a high current remains given, i.e., more than required for an appliance.

Here the MCB will not trip/ break the circuit, which is its primary function, and the appliance may remain damaged or may catch fire especially. Thus while wiring remains done, do take care of these small things for your safety. As we saw earlier, MCB breaks the circuit if excess current passes. Wiring and MCB remain installed for safety purposes, not for extra supply. Therefore, a suitable MCB box, wires & connections shall be installed, or else it will make no sense to have an MCB box.

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