How does Quality Influence the Productivity of Companies?

 The Productivity of Companies

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The relationship that manages productivity and quality are closely related to each other since the first refers to the quantitative characteristics of the products. In contrast, the other describes their quality, that is, to satisfy the needs of customers.

Competitive Market

Competitive Market

In a highly competitive market, where the consumer can choose from a wide range, the claim arises, increased productivity and improved quality are essential factors for ensuring the survival of companies in the markets.


Gutiérrez (2010) mentions that both concepts are essential to be competitive in today’s large globalized markets, where they are of the utmost importance to maintain business profitability and meet consumer demands. Whereas productivity, in terms of employees, is synonymous with performance. In a systematic approach, it remains said that something or someone is productive with some resources (inputs) in a given time, the maximum number of products remains obtained.


Productivity should remain understood as improving production capacity and the general environment, searching for efficiency by improving the product, efficiency, wages, etc. Quality and productivity are factors of the same equation, which together correspond to customer satisfaction and the success of the Effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness also intervene in this process, directly affecting the quality of the product and its production time.

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The quality standards change day by day due to competition, as they also seek to win the race. In this sense, the one who does not advance regresses, since others approach him or add the advantage he has over the immobile individual or organization. The concepts of quality, productivity, and globalization go hand in hand because one determines the other. But, Without quality in production, administration, sales, information, etc., productivity does not exist. If you are not productive, you cannot be competitive in an environment of globalization.

Likewise, We can conclude that productivity is the ratio between the production obtained by a productive system and the resources used. It can also remain defined as the ratio between the results and the time taken to get them. The less time it takes to get the desired effect, the more productive the system is. Productivity with quality constitutes a working philosophy that implies discipline and perseverance to improve results and maintain them over time. We must take into account multiple factors that revolve around a central axis: offering full customer satisfaction.

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