5 Resume mistakes to avoid at all cost

5 Resume mistakes to avoid

Building a highly persuasive resume is a daunting task, no doubt. There are a lot of aspects to consider while crafting your resume which is why it is possible that you may commit to some mistakes while trying to ace it.

Post Covid job market is not only challenging but it can be very stressful for the job seekers as they are contending with more number of talented professionals due to evolving job culture. Hence, it is critical for you to ensure that your resume is flawless and beats the competition.

Here are the 5 resume mistakes to avoid at all cost:

Unnecessarily long

First and foremost, keep the resume short and concise while highlighting all your achievements. Going into laborious detail when none required means that you are shooting yourself in the foot. A resume is meant to be a brief overview of your professional career, not a timeline of events. Avoid lengthy resumes with paragraphs after paragraphs. It is advisable to use professional modern resume templates so that you can accommodate the required information on your resume easily without having to worry about the design aspect.

Missing the context

Understand well the requirements of the job you are applying for because your resume should be built around it. You need to tailor your resume in such a way that your professional resume skills match the requirements of the job thus making a strong case in your favour. Please avoid a barrage of information that is inconsequential and irrelevant.


Don’t inflate your resume with information that is redundant and could potentially cause annoyance for the recruiter. What is redundant in a resume? Information like references, a large section dedicated for ‘career objective’ etc are all redundant and counterproductive. Your career objective should be summarised along with your professional skills briefly in the summary section. You should completely get rid of the ‘references’ section from your resume.


Most companies use an applicant tracking system or ATS which will parse through your resume for keywords. If you do not use a ATS friendly resume, you will risk missing out on that dream job of yours. Further, keep your resumes as short as a single page or maximum two. Resumes longer than that are just not appealing to the recruiters.

Grammatical errors

Last but not the least, you should ensure that your resume does not have any grammatical errors. Whilst you may easily take care of spelling errors, you need to also ensure that you are not using any passive sentences.

If we have missed out on any other mistakes to avoid, please do let us know. These 5 mistakes should be eschewed while building resumes.

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