What Is ‘Baking Makeup’ And How Is It Done?

‘Baking Makeup’

Ok, “bake the face” doesn’t sound too good. Open your mind and listen to us: ‘baking’ is the step your face needs to avoid glare.

It may not be the right thing to do for day-to-day life. We are not talking about adding it to your express daily routine, because you really need a few more minutes than those 3 in your morning, but about adding it to those special occasions in which the glitters ruin your makeup with the passing of the hours, aka, weddings, baptisms and communions. And beware, the second round of events of the year for all the brave ones who decide to mark their date in the fall is coming.

What is the Technique of Baking in Makeup?

It remains said that makeup is ‘baked’ because it is about setting the concealer using the heat of your skin, which remains increased by the thick layer of translucent powder that we have applied. This way, pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections are perfectly filled

What does it Consist of

Basically, in applying translucent powder WITHOUT GLOSS (an IM-POR-TAN-TÍSIMO shade) on certain strategic areas: T-zone, corrected areas, chin and areas that we want to illuminate especially. The powders will act as a fixative of the product that you have previously applied, that is, concealer or highlighter. An essential cover so that everything remains in place throughout the day.

Where to apply Baking?

In general, these areas are usually located under the eyes to hide dark circles, on the cheekbones, the area of the forehead and the upper region of the nose. During its application, it is very convenient to blend or expand it with a brush to ensure that the product is perfectly integrated into the skin.

Translucent Powders

Neither bronzers nor glitter. It is about fighting against this effect so that is why we emphasize that they are translucent so that they let light pass through them and at the same time do not let an uncomfortable shine escape. If it is too compact, you can scratch it until it is done. a good amount. Our favourites? Loose powders such as the Poudre Multi-Eclat by Clarins, in three versions for different skin tones (Light, Medium and Dark).

Or this trio of aces: Lock-It Setting Powder, by Kat Von D (universal shade), an ultralight formula with a smooth and silky finish that does not dry out the skin (€ 16); Sephora straightening powders to give luminosity and fix makeup, achieving long-lasting results (€ 13.95) and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD loose powders, with silica microspheres that provide instant luminosity and a velvety finish.


Apply the powders without fear, with a moistened and well-wrung sponge and leave it to act for 5-10 minutes. During these minutes you can continue your makeup (design the eyebrows, mark the dark contour of the face, make up the eyes …). After this time, remove the remaining dust with a wide brush with soft hair. Kabuki brushes and bronzing powder brushes are ideal because they are wider. And we say “remove the remaining dust”, because part of that initial amount will remain on the skin achieving a velvety result that will fight against the shine that fat wants to cause during the day.

Surely you wonder if the world of makeup is merging with gastronomy, but let us tell you no. ‘Baking’, an English word that means “baking” or “cooking,” refers, in makeup issues, to a new beauty technique that guarantees you a long-lasting makeup and a more professional finish so that your face looks perfect and without blemishes, especially in the eye area.

This technique is called ‘baking’ because what it is about is that you let the concealer “bake” for 10 to 20 minutes on your skin, that is, with your own body heat the makeup melts into the skin, achieving, as a result, a colour and a different texture.

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This technique has been on the rise in recent months, but it is important to say that it is not as new as it seems, since it has been used by theatre makeup artists for a long time.

How to do the ‘Baking’?

‘baking’ is a new technique that joins others, such as contouring or sandbagging, which guarantees you to look sensational. Here we tell you the steps you must take for professional makeup.

  1. Hydrate your skin perfectly, especially the eye area, so that the makeup looks more natural.
  2. Apply some concealer or concealer under your eyes, nose bone or chin and blend lightly.
  3. Apply a second coat of concealer or correct and blend gently with a sponge.
  4. Apply (generously) translucent or highlighter powders with a damp sponge to the areas where you applied concealer.
  5. Let your makeup ‘bake’ for 10 minutes.
  6. After 10 minutes, remove the excess translucent powder with a brush with a bit of powder makeup. Lightly dust as if you are sweeping your face. Now yes, you will look amazing.

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