20 Business Ideas That You Can Start With Very Little Money (Even Free)

20 Business Ideas

Today, many people want to leave the corporate world to do something that drives their desire. People don’t want to stop working at 60 (or older) and look back, feeling like they wasted their lives.20 Business Ideas

Fortunately, today it’s straightforward to start a business from scratch without investing a fortune. Below I’ve put together a list of 20 Business Ideas that you can get started from the comfort of your own home for little money. Some do not require more than an internet connection, and others require specific licenses or skills. You decide!business (1)

1. Create chatbots

Going on Entrepreneur.com, they quote me as Murray Newlands, ChatBot expert, and say: “Ten years ago all companies needed a website. Five years ago all companies needed an app, today all companies have to open the door to messaging with artificial intelligence Chatbots “. That creates opportunities and jobs. You can learn how to make them accessible by learning to code and then turning them into businesses.

Chatbots remain all the rage these days, and we’ve got to a point where all businesses need one. Chatbots have become an excellent opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers, gather information, and improve their marketing and customer service efforts. You can quickly start creating chatbots without programming. I made the free tool, chattypeople.com, but there are many options. All you need is:

Read more about bots and their functions

Create an account

Find out more about the company in need of a chatbot

Create your bot

Start it on Facebook Messenger

And you don’t need any programming courses.

The platform is fantastic because:

Work with Facebook Messenger and your comments.

You can show customers promotions when needed

Detect variations in keywords

Can process Facebook orders

Integrates with almost all existing payment platforms

       2. Accounting services

Are you good at numbers and want to work from home? To remain a freelance accountant, all you need is your degree and to be good at numbers. There are many implements to absorb how to invoice and keep things clear with the Treasury Department.

3. personal or virtual assistant

These jobs may not sound as glamorous, but the truth is, they are well paid. If you’ve already had a similar position in an office, you’ll see that the digital version gives you a lot more freedom. Use platforms like upwork.com to find customers, and you can choose to:

Their customers

Your meetings

Your prices

4. Marketing services

Marketing requires some experience and knowledge. There are many choices in this area that open daily, such as influencer marketing. However, if you are inexperienced, invest in a digital course that is inexpensive and gives you the tools to start a marketing agency that will help you grow in the future.

Companies always look for freelancers who can offer them optimized texts for Google and convert their visits into leads. They can also contribute to upload content to their websites and improve their SEO with:

Meta descriptions

The right titles

The right keyword density

Tags and categories

Optimized relevant images

5. Social media consultants

Who doesn’t love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Social media is a business with limitless potential and a customer base that can span the world. And it doesn’t appear like this trend is going to go away anytime soon. If anything, we’ll see the emergence of new platforms that expand the possibilities even more. If you’re moral at social media but don’t have a professional education, Twitter and Google proposal extended sequences with recognized certifications that require very little investment. And you can use administrative tools to make your job easier.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Although, Getting ongoing in affiliate marketing is very easy and has to do with earning a commission on promoting a company’s products or services. You choose a product, promote it, and make money on every sale generated by you. Starting an affiliate marketing business is very easy if:

   You have your blog or website

It can prove your success with many visits

You have already done affiliate marketing, and

you can show the results to your potential customers

7. Tester or review author

People and businesses often look for people to review their products so others will want to purchase them. You can start with a profile on self-employed sites or approach companies directly, offering them a review in exchange for money to become an influencer. And if you already have your blog or website, you can inscribe entire articles about their products, which would agree to you to charge much more in the long run and construct a portfolio of clients to display in the future.

 8. Secretarial facilities

Similar to the existence of a virtual assistant, remote secretarial services require no experience. All you need is:

To remain organized

Have communication abilities

Manage time glowing

Consume an extraordinary level of autonomy

Your routine tasks as a freelance secretary could include:

Program appointments

Startup almanacks

Answer emails

Build Presentations

Answer calls

9. Digital Dating Consultant

Also, Are you good with words? Or have you already found your soulmate and need to share with the world how you did it? You can become someone’s cupid and help them find love by becoming a dating consultant. It usually includes a high level of responsibility because you are going to be guiding people. Among your daily tasks could be:

Manage profiles on dating sites and apps

Write profiles

Offer phone updates on your matches.

    10. eBay assistant or seller

But, It is similar to affiliate marketing, with the difference that you would remain to sell it directly to the customer in its place of supporting the product. When you sell other people’s products on eBay or any different stage, you earn the commission you charge the product owner after the sale.

Unfortunately, this variety of work carries certain risks. Scammers typically lure eBay sellers and use fake shipping papers to convince them to make payments. And, even if they scam you, you will be responsible for your customers not receiving their products. So always remember:

     Know the dealer well

Preserve your payments in your e-wallet until the customer confirms that they received the product

Report any suspicious activity

Do not share bank information with anyone

11. Application developer

Although, New applications appear every day, and if you think you can create yours and have an original idea, you should do it! Besides the fact that you won’t have to invest as much money in it, it’s a lot less demanding than a 9 to 6 job. Once you’ve built your app, add a good marketing strategy to it, and you’ll be making money in your sleep. The best thing is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

12. Web developer

We live in a digital world where every business needs a website to drive traffic and generate sales. If you have the ability, you could enter an industry that never dies. You can start short by creating sites on platforms like WordPress. If you want to take your skills to the next level, you can learn the programming language at codeacademy.com, where you can learn to incorporate:

Shopping carts

Product Pages



Service Pages

Feedback forms

13. Cybersecurity Consultant

Likewise, Hacking, information theft, and viruses are some of the current digital security threats. If you know about this, you could earn a lot of money consulting businesses, especially those who handle sensitive information about their clients and who want to keep it safe.

14. Graphic designer

Likewise, Companies are always looking for designs that show people what they do. Also, If you can follow brand guidelines and customer needs, all you need to get started is a computer and a program similar to Photoshop or Illustrator. So you can create:









15. Publisher

The publishers often use some software to create:



Advertising bulletins

Other marketing materials

To offer a complete service, you should also write the content or hire someone to write and thus have a small team.

16. Design of business plans

Having a winning idea is lovely, but putting it down on paper in a way that looks attractive to an investor is tricky. Similarly,  If you’ve had a business in the past or have a college degree, why not help entrepreneurs with great ideas get started? Also, Quote your rates depending on the needs, and you can:

Create digital texts that your clients can fill out in a personalized way

Create various templates that show your clients how to accommodate their business plan. wrike free plan accounts are made for individuals or teams that need project management software. Important.

17 Tax consultant

Companies and individuals remain willing to pay someone to help them organize the tax issue, especially if you can offer advice to get the Treasury to pay you back through special deductions.

18. Blogger or Vlogger

Likewise, Are you an expert on any subject? From travel, fashion, cooking, crafts, whatever, if you know how to do something particularly well, why not share it with the world through a blog or vlog? Although, All you need is a computer and a good camera. You can earn money from advertising and product reviews on your platform.

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19. Creator of informational products

Although, As a blog, this is your chance to put your experience in an e-book or some other digital format and sell it online. Also, Find a niche that remains not saturated and start writing. But, You can sell your pieces on platforms like Amazon Books.

20. CV Writer

Regardless of their experience, very few people enjoy making CVs and tend to pay very well for someone to do it for them. It costs you not anything to get started, and once you’ve gotten into the mode, you can charge a lot for each one.

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20 Business Ideas

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