Could ISO 27001 Certification Improve Your Business?

ISO 27001 Certification Improve Your Business

Every business needs to meet a series of standards. While mandatory rules and regulations must always be adhered to, optional goals can be beneficial too.

For example, ISO 27001 certification isn’t mandatory for compliance in some countries and industries. Still, even if you only have the option of securing it, doing so helps a business show others that they meet high standards in information security. An organisation will have set its own standards around Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

What about your firm? Could these efforts improve the prospects of your business? If so, how? Read on for some of our musings on the matter.

Improving Employee Motivation

Certifications are often merely ethics displayed on paper, to a certain degree. At the same time, workers like to know that their company adheres to set standards.

Therefore, something like ISO 27001 certification can communicate to employees that the business they work for has guiding principles. In turn, they may place more faith in their workplace, knowing that higher goals and objectives are being met.

After all, some firms can set parasitical goals. They can consume themselves in their quest for money and power, and things like corporate greed are often met with disdain amongst the masses. To have goals that aren’t strictly self-serving can reassure workers that they’re in good company.

The standards of ISO 27001 are internationally recognised too. Therefore, one might argue that those willing to participate perhaps deserve a higher tier of respect. Information security is a key concern in modern industry and can influence the quality of other important matters like health and safety and eco-friendly performance metrics. Much about a business is elevated for its inclusion.

Enhancing Productivity

ISO 27001 certification is a process. It can’t be achieved through wish fulfilment alone.

There are many objectives and goals that need to be met here. Most of them are jumping-off points for your firm to explore further. Before long, you can develop your business in multiple ways thanks to a single-use license.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed by busywork. For example, you can find ISO 27001 templates, documents, and policies thanks to High Table, detailing everything you need to know. Bonus content is also available, giving you a more complete ISMS to take advantage of. Their step-by-step guide will also give you practical, real-world insights and a free hour-long consultation.

There is much to learn about information security. Don’t just use certification as an opportunity to ‘show off’. Instead, legitimately expand your knowledge and skill set. Instruct your colleagues to do the same where necessary.

Updated Procedures

Many consultants will construct their documents and policies around their ISO 27001 toolkits. They will experience varying degrees of success. However, they seldom update their procedures because they work with billable time.

Still, there are exceptions to these circumstances. Providers like the previously mentioned High Table update all of their tools. This means that you can be assured that your firm is certified under the most contemporary measures possible.

The world of technology is immensely fast-paced. When it comes to your ISMS, you need to be open to change and flexibly restructure processes to your firm’s benefit. An ISMS should be improved constantly, and ISO 27001 certification highlights that you have the capabilities to make that happen.

Changes should also be communicated. Customers, users, and even stakeholders should be made aware of your alterations. Therefore, ISO 27001 certification can give you a great and exciting reason to stay in touch with the parties interested in your firm. Instead of filling their inboxes with spam and mind-numbing promotions, you can have real aspirations and results to present instead.

Creating Opportunities

Some standards are not mandatory in the eyes of the law. That said, others will take a different approach and view certain measures as compulsory in exchange for their business.

Customers, clients, suppliers, potential partners – each could have different reasons for valuing ISO 27001 certification. Most of them will likely revolve around protecting their data in some capacity. You can protect confidential data of theirs through more than just your word. The certification makes your firm more trustworthy.

Others may want to be assured that they’re working with a diligent and responsible business. During any business interaction, it’s always best to impress other parties and meet with them at least partly on their terms. Something like ISO 27001 certification could help you significantly in that aim.

Ultimately, your credibility is improved. After all, people constantly check that the firms they’re doing business with are legitimate and avoid risks. ISO 27001 certification could be the threshold that opens up lucrative opportunities in the future. It could also help you establish new business partnerships and improve existing ones.


ISO 27001 certification could compel others to look upon your business more favourably. It has a wide reach, impressing big-name clients, workers in your employ, and the common consumer alike. Therefore, your firm should explore all its options here and make good use of all subsequent opportunities that follow.

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