What do efficient Intelligent Distributor Management Systems offer to businesses?

Distributor management systems are software packages that supervise and control the flow of goods from the manufacturer or supplier to the sales point. This system entails all processes & stakeholders involved, ranging from packing, storage, logistics, plus supply chains. However, what if we revamp these existing conventional platforms into intelligent systems? By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision & automation, distributor management system can be more adaptive, predictive, reactive & responsive. Now, we will explore the advantages that intelligent distribution management systems offer businesses.

Benefits of Intelligent Distribution Management Systems

The entire framework becomes more streamlined as intelligent systems deploy digitized pathways to automate sales processes. This system entails inventory management, cross or up-selling, performance monitoring, discount or promotional output & buying/returning protocol. In addition, greater demand for products necessitates a quick transition from manufacturing to market. Hence, this intelligent distribution management system connects a network of suppliers & demands (i.e., retail or wholesale markets). Thus, the need for a unified system arises to keep abreast with the orders efficiently. Pros of such automated & collaborative systems include:

  • localizing supply by identifying bottlenecks & gaps in distribution networks – then deploying necessary resources to address these (channel management)
  • better data coverage to ensure that even the demand parties are fully aware of manufacturer stock levels for synced manufacturing & ordering
  • accessible live data feeds enable enhanced productivity plus stock availability
  • Greater overall transparency promotes better marketing during distributed trading events, capitalizing on such commercial growth opportunities promptly
  • enhanced stock management & distribution activity control with continuous monitoring
  • sales team integration to maximize promotional activities via field visits, merchandising, etc.
  • Gaugable metrics for quality assurance & to track performance too, using data intelligence
  • allows resources to be redistributed operationally for more productive applications elsewhere
  • synergizes order fulfillment, distribution KPIs (key performance indicators) & customer segmentation while providing live inventory, along with a claims/dispute resolution process
  • AI-Powered device integration & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Accurate contract drafting, easy documentation approvals, revision & updating, as well as stock returns management
  • universal platform for all parties to visualize insights & communicate with each other
  • organized payment collection features to reduce unnecessary processing delays
  • unified target sharing, reporting & more apparent correspondence

A Specific Example of Intelligent Distributor Management Systems

EdgeVerve’s very own Trade Edge DMS (Distributor Management System) is an intuitive, flexibly customizable order management cum fulfillment system with integrated commercial reporting. This app allows one to manage products, costs, promotions & retailers efficiently via a single ergonomic interface. In addition, it conveniently works the ‘Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Receive’ processes, and versatile inventory management collectively provides updated information for all parties involved.

Other benefits include increased productivity (almost two-thirds), live sales visibility, efficient control over inventory pricing & promotion, plus fast-track partner onboarding – to the tune of four months! Summarizing TradeEdge DMS:

  • Master Data Management: product catalog, costs & promotions. Run assets, branches, empties & vendors while maintaining accounts
  • Order-to-Cash: manage sales orders, customer payments & invoices, and returns, as well as to potentiate van sales
  • Procure-to-Receive: conveniently manage purchase orders, goods bills & vendor credit control
  • Inventory Management: propels live updates, optimizes distributor stock levels with no retailer stockouts
  • Reporting & Analytics: data-driven decision-making using interactive reports & dashboards
  • Third-Party Integration: multiple transactional messages & Market Pulse advanced analytics

Broader Coverage with Mobile Ordering

TradeEdge’s Mobile Order App is a compact mobile app that empowers channel partners’ innovative portable digital order acquisition. Organizations can now use an automated & integrated system, hosting a personalized range for every channel partner. This app enables universally available ordering. Furthermore, the organization’s sales reps can record orders on the customer’s behalf. This mobile-first methodology pioneers order acquisition and drives brands exponentially by directly connecting proprietors/distributors with retailers. In addition, this app enhances market coverage, opening visibility into retail-specific catalogs, communication & pricing.

Now, customers and sales reps can track their respective order or selling history via readily accessible invoices, make or receive payment & do so much more! Not only does this drive profitability for everyone, but it also improves accessibility to more industries & regions too. Being operable in various languages & even on low-spec smartphones will appeal to emerging markets. Data can leverage to operate a revenue-based subscription model, making this more affordable & accessible to the masses of suppliers (who may otherwise not be able to afford to use such solutions). Business vision, cost-efficient reduction & sales boosts are just a few of these advantages. This order app is an apt distributor & management system, serving all arenas to maximize brand distribution channels.


Intelligent Distributor Management Systems host a myriad of benefits for businesses. Whether from the efficiency perspective to connectivity, this solution has it all. It also allows users to gain live insights from all the available data intelligence – presented in an ergonomic format. With this, every person involved in the distribution system can seamlessly track, view & update their statuses plus shipment information. What an apt way to unify everything – this is the future of distribution!

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