Entertainment Tech Trends

Entertainment Tech Trends

The technological advancements in recent years have yielded significant changes in the entertainment industry. The streaming services entered a golden age which resulted in a somewhat crowded market with giants like Apple, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney, and others making their foray.

Small content creators were also affected by the increased consumption of the mobile device and the incredible growth of Tik Tok. So, needless to say, tech innovations are quickly redefining the media landscape, and below, we will look closely at their impact on different entertainment sectors.

Mobile Devices

Due to the increased usage of mobile devices (we spend more than 100 minutes per day on our smartphones), the habits regarding the consumption of digital content have changed significantly. We no longer have the patience for the long format of content, and actually, the attention span has minimized with the introduction of smartphones has minimized to less than 8 seconds. That said, as we generally tend to consume anything from blog posts to social media videos from our smartphones, there was a surge of vertical videos on platforms like Tik Tok.

Tik Tok actually started this trend that was also supported by other social media sites like Instagram, which decided to reward creators that develop more vertical videos. In fact, videos as a form of content have gained more important ace than photos, and, in many regards, it has become a significant aspect of the digital content on social media sites.

The rise of mobile devices through which we consume content has also impacted the development of other sectors, including the gaming sector. Plus, there is an increasing number of users who are looking to play online casino games through their smartphones.

Online casinos have created high-quality mobile versions of their websites where users are able to play any casino game from roulette, craps, slots, and anything else  in between. The promotions and bonuses are also available on mobile casinos, therefore, you can easily get your welcome bonus. So, it’s safe to say that every type of content which exists has been redesigned to satisfy mobile users.

Streaming Services

As we mentioned earlier, there is a surge in the number of video streaming services on the market. The demand has exploded during 2020 and 2021, beyond Netflix, so there are many other high-quality platforms to choose from, including Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple, and other tech giants that are looking to create their own streaming services and original content.

The rise of video streaming services had huge effects on the habits of users that want to watch TV shows on films. Most users want to have complete control of the content they want to consume, which also translates to watching TV shows and films.

Video streaming services allow them to pick the TV show or film they want to watch, and that also gives them an opportunity to watch a TV show on any device from their smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. They only need to have a reliable Internet connection in order to subscribe and access the library of films and TV series.


Podcasts are entering a golden age where there represents one of the most popular formats of audio content. Everyone from celebrities, and famous actors, to financial experts and journalists, are working on podcasts where they have an opportunity in either a video or audio format to simply state their opinions or share their expertise on different subjects.

This is actually the main advantage of podcasts because creators can actually talk about anything from fashion, to historical events, the latest news, comedy, English literature, and anything that you can think of. Of course, the main advantage is that they are free of charge and are always available on mobile apps such as BBC Radio, Spotify, and iTunes, among other options.

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