How to Find Out the Equation of a Line Using the Slope Point Formula?

Mathematics is a subject that has application, logic, and critical thinking.

When you understand the different concepts of mathematics then only you will understand the beauty of mathematics and you will be able to use it in real-life applications. Most people don’t understand the beauty of mathematics and they treat this subject as the most complicated and boring subject. It is observed when you can play with numbers then you can easily become the master of your money. If you are good at mathematics and numerical calculations then you will become a smart person that will have the capacity to grow his money rapidly. In mathematics, you will learn some interesting topics such as the point slope formula that will help you use your brainpower and it will boost your memory.

In our daily life, we saw various shapes and digits on the road or in our houses. If you observe you can easily relate these things with your math concepts. As you will proceed to a higher standard in school you will observe mathematics is classified into two parts known as Algebra and geometry. Algebra is all about operations on digits, variables, and graphs while geometry includes architectural applications that shape.

Let’s see understand more about these graphical equations:

  • You must have solved different equations of parallel lines and intersecting lines. You must have solved equations of line to get the shaded region.
  • While solving such problems you have to first assume the points that will satisfy the equation and then you have to plot the point. When you will join those plotted points you will get the lines of those equations and also the slopes.
  • In the formula where you will have an equation in this format “y = mx + c” where m is the slope of the line and c always remains constant as it is y-intercept.
  • If they give you the slope of the line as ¾ and the value of y-intercept as 7 then the equation of this line will become 4y = 3x + 7.
  • Now you must have got an idea about this slope-intercept form, if they oppositely asked you then you have to first convert the equation in its standard format then you will get the final answer.
  • Another form is (y-y1) = m(x-x1), this form is used to get the equation of a line when two coordinates x1 and y1 are provided to you.
  • If you have one point ‘A’ with values (a, b) then in the first step the above equation will become (y –b ) = m (x – a).
  • You will get the proper equation of the line when you will solve the above equation. Here the values of a, b will be different but the steps are the same.
  • You can use this form to get the slope of the line or to find the equation of a line. We use these various methods to find out the area of any region based on the word problems.
  • We use these formulas to represent the information in the form of lines and graphs. This form helps us to create a visual representation of data.

Now, you can very easily solve the problems associated with slope intercept form and different types of equations. This also gives an understanding of different types of slopes. You should learn mathematics conceptually. If you are someone who wishes to become good in mathematics then you should try the Cuemath platform for mathematics as it is the best and great platform for all enthusiastic math learners. Here you will understand every math concept with proper applications and properties. Always learn every subject with the help of good resources. Good education produces good learners hence always select the best education platform for your child.

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