Nine Best Intelligent Clothes For Performance And Health

The Best Smart Clothes

Best Intelligent Clothes For Performance And Health – After its first appearance in 2015, the segment of “electronic textiles and smart clothes” has not yet been adopted by the general public.

However, we see more and more companies using innovative technologies to create connected clothing.

Much more than attaching devices to our wrists, faces, ears, and bottoms, bright clothing can constantly track our heart rate, screen our emotions, and even pay for our morning coffee.

Without further ado, these are the best sparkly clothes you can buy right now, in 2021.

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1. X Nadi X Portable Yoga Pants

If you are new to yoga, specific body postures can be pretty tricky.

How do you move your body? How long do you hold your position?

Without a good instructor, if you try it yourself, you will quickly find yourself in trouble.

However, the Nadi X pants from Sydney-based Wearable X solve all of that.

Nadi X yoga pants can detect when you need to perfect your yoga posture.

Thanks to haptic feedback, intelligent pants send small vibrations to the body that needs to be adjusted.

Built-in haptic vibrations pulse gently through the hips, knees, and ankles to hearten you to move and hold positions.

The pants sync via Bluetooth to your phone and provide you with additional feedback via the companion app.

The Nadi X app offers instructions on optimizing each pose and good yoga flows that can continue to organize your yoga class.

Nadi X yoga pants are obtainable for men and women in a variety of sizes. They are completely machine washable after removing the battery, which sticks to the back of the left knee.

It comes in four sizes: XS, S, M, L, and four styles: Night-time, Midnight with Black, Black / White through Mesh, and Navy / Gray with Mesh.

2. Levi’s elegant clothing jacket + Google Jacquard

The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket was the first connected garment launched from Google’s Project Jacquard platform.

Users can interact with various services by creating touch and gesture-sensitive areas on the jacket sleeve, including music and map applications.

You can reject phone calls by swiping or double-tapping for instructions, all without having to pick up the phone.

The sparkly denim jacket will enhance your daily commute in more ways than you can imagine.

The modern Commuter x Jacquard technical jacket connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The jacket can filter phone calls, control music volume, and even notify you when your carpool is close.

Interestingly, this jacket has remained more recently adopted by streetwear enthusiasts.

3. Stylish Ambiotex shirt

The shiny Ambiotex t-shirt remains designed for serious athletes, whether you are a runner, cyclist, or live in a gym.

The compression style cut means you have to be in pretty decent shape to pull it off.

Built-in sensors and clip-on holster record key data such as heart rate variability, anaerobic threshold, and fitness and stress levels.

The data can remain visualized in real-time in the companion application of the smartphone.

There you get information about your biometrics and what it means to optimize training and recovery.

In addition, through the application, you have access to individual training programs.

The accuracy of the heart rate seemed to be on par with our tests.

However, while it doesn’t break the mold of fitness-based bright clothing, it does a great job extracting the stats and putting them to good use.

4. Komodo AIO Smart Case

Despite the failure of a Kickstarter campaign, Komodo Technologies still found a way to free its compression sleeve.

The luminous garment uses electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to monitor heart rate activity.

In addition to providing accurate heart rate data, the case monitors sleep and training intensity.

The leading intelligent module has built-in sensors to monitor body temperature, air quality, and UV rays.

While this seems like a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts, the startup behind AIO seeks to measure stress levels and even detect heart irritation and coronary heart disease.

Available in two di models

5. Recovery of athletes by Under Armour’s

Athlete Recovery is the Underneath Armor clothing line that absorbs body heat and then reflects it to its skin.

The heat absorbed remains converted to far-infrared light, and more recent studies show how crucial infrared light is to the human body.

All in all, if you are a top athlete looking to improve muscle recovery and relaxation, this is a must-have smart garment.

6. Smart Sock Gen 3 by Owlet

The latest generation of Owlet Smart Sock has all the structures you know and love.

It uses the same pulse oximetry technology used in hospitals to monitor a toddler’s heart rate, making sure their sleep and breathing haven’t been interrupted.

It’s also available in three sizes, charges through a base station, and syncs with your iPhone or Android phone to provide real-time data.

New additions include improved Bluetooth range – up to 100 feet – and more precise sensors.

It will also work with Owlet’s new Connected Care platform, which helps identify potential health issues, sleep irregularities, RSV, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic lung conditions, and heart defects.

7. Smart Swimsuit by Aviano

This French fashion technology company has created connected clothing, including jeans, dresses, and bikinis.

The Aviano UV Protect swimwear collection remains equipped with a removable medallion-type waterproof sensor that prevents you from staying too long in the sun.

Once you enter your skin type into the iOS or Android smartphone app, it will monitor the temperature throughout the day.

Then it sends out warnings when it’s time to apply more sunscreen or get in the shade.

Designed and made in France, Neviano swimsuits are stylish and integrated with UV sensors.

The sensor is about half the size of an adult’s thumb, is waterproof, and connects to the wearer’s iOS or Android device.

Overall, this intelligent swimsuit reminds you to apply more sunscreen when UV levels are high.

8. Smart Shirt by Hexoskin

This rare innovative piece of clothing is another prime example of technology in fashion.

The Montreal-based company has developed a connected shirt laced with intelligent sensors.

In addition to a heart rate, breathing, and motion monitoring sensor, the swimsuit is equipped with Bluetooth so that you can pair it with your favorite fitness apps like MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and Strava.

Plus, via Bluetooth, you can connect to a host of third-party accessories.

Data is captured in real-time and sent to the companion app, providing information on various sports metrics.

Data includes intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level, and sleep quality.

Hexoskin sportswear can monitor your heart rate, calories, volume and breathing rate, steps, cadence, and even sleep, thanks to its complex construction.

The bright brand clothes remain from high-quality Italian fabrics, and the tiny device remains hidden in a secret pocket on the shirt.

Available in short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions for men and women, the intelligent device behind the Hexoskin can connect via Bluetooth to all types of Android and iOS smartphones.

9. Smart Clothes – Sensoria Socks

According to the company, Sensoria socks remain infused with 100% proprietary textile sensors, whatever that means.

The socks remain paired with a removable intelligent Bluetooth ankle strap that provides superior precision.

Measured data includes step count, speed, calories consumed, altitude, and distance tracking.

The device can also track the cadence and landing techniques of the foot as you walk or run.

However, the main benefit of Sensoria socks is their ability to identify injury-prone running styles.

The heel strike, ball strike, angle cut, and run are operated through the smartphone app, creating additional programs to coach the runner.

The Sensoria App dashboard remains designed to help the wearer achieve goals, improve performance and reduce the risk of creating destructive trends.

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