Mars, The Robot Cat That Can Stand Customized

Mars, The Robot Cat That Can Stand Customized

There are all kinds of companion robots, but the last one we have seen is special: it remains shaped like a cat.

What is a Robot Cat?

They respond to caresses, hugs and even perform cat-like movements that anyone would recognize as such. We want to create a completely real experience for the elderly so that they feel loved but do not have to worry about the animal’s needs.

The Robot Cat

They unveiled it at CES 2020, a new robot pet from Elephant Robotics that can respond to touch and voice and even play with toys. It remains designed for the home, thus being the startup’s first consumer product. It has legs, tail, and head perfectly articulated, making it possible to sit, walk, play, and observe movements, all working autonomously without any additional input.

The robot is also customizable and user-programmable. Inside, it runs on a Raspberry Pi and ships with the MarsCat SDK, an open software development library that fully controls and programs all of the robot’s functions.

Mars, The Robot Cat

Marat is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its goal of $ 18,000. It has exceeded 120,000. They plan to ship their first batch of MarsCats to users in March. So backers shouldn’t have to wait long to enjoy their new robotic pet.

The robot can respond to a wide variety of voice commands. And its personality will also evolve based on how we interact with it.

Its initial price will be 620 euros, so you have to be very in love with the kitten to invest in one.

A new robotic cat has remained unveiled at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Held in Las Vegas a few days ago. It is about MarsCat, a feline capable of walking, running, sleeping, and even burying her own ‘excrement,’ imaginary, of course. Although cats are independent and not very demanding animals. This robot remains designed for people who do not have time to dedicate to a pet but who still want to have one.

Marat can perceive its owner. The robot cat can hear, observe and play, as it responds to touch and voice contact. Although the feline is autonomous, it also requires the affective attention of whoever acquires it since it has six moods installed that vary depending on how the relationship with its master develops. You can be energetic, excited, distant, lazy, social, or shy.

The robotic cat remained created by Elephant Robotics.  And worked based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Artificial intelligence and various sensors allow the robot to stay programmed by its owner. At the end of 2019.  A fundraising campaign remained created on the Kickstarter website in the hopes of raising $ 100,000. Fortunately, the goal remained exceeded, and so far, there are more than $ 126,900.

MarsCat has other competitors in the market. But it differs from the rest because of its low price and the number of superior features it offers. On Kickstarter, early backers could separate the product with a starting price of $ 649. Currently, the cost is $ 699.

What is the name of the new robot cat pet?

Panasonic has created in Japan a new model of a pet robot. The Nicobo, a small round, cloth-shaped, cat-shaped device that babbles words. And expels flatulence to cheer up isolated people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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