6 Things to Remember Before Hiring a Node JS Development Company

Node JS Development Company

Node JS is a single-threaded, open-source JavaScript framework that functions as a run-time environment to execute codes or programs written in JavaScript. Node JS developers are responsible for deploying and managing network applications.

Node JS developers develop back-end components, manage the data exchange between users and servers, and support front-end developers. They optimize web-based applications’ performance and provide integrating data storage and protection solutions.

Therefore, a company should consider these criteria before they decide to hire personnel for Node JS development. However, while hiring, there are certain points worth noting:

Knowledge of JavaScript and Node JS Framework

Before choosing a Node JS development company, determine the framework skills and experience of the company. This is important because the framework will decide the efficacy of the run-time environment.

Also, if the Node JS company lacks knowledge regarding JavaScript and its framework environment, it will affect the programming. The company should be aware of the Node JS model, cross-platform features, and small nuances in the programming language.

To know if they have enough Node JS framework skills, check whether the company has expertise in the server-side and client-side frameworks. Or check if they have skills in handling Koa JS, Total JS, StrongLoop, or Rails. If so, they will be reasonably efficient in managing Node JS also.

Performing Parallel Programming

Node JS has various performance bottlenecks and is not an easy run-time environment to work in. It requires heavy computation tasks and call-backs due to its asynchronous nature. Hence, parallel programming is recommended.

Parallel programming allows several requests with its input/output mode. This results in the reduction of wait time and successfully executes several functions subsequently.

Even though it is a workaround method, it can quickly scale up work efficiency and reduce overall operational time. Therefore, before selecting the right development company, look for their experience in counterattacking setbacks like these. Otherwise, a competent code will be challenging to write in the given circumstances.

Assisting Database Schemes and Support

While hiring a development company, check whether they can manage data from various databases, thus, creating a proper database scheme to support the business process. The company should be able to collect multiple data from databases and organize and integrate them into a centralized source. This better manages the business workflow and improves work efficiency.

Expertise in Front-End Technologies and APIs

Front-end technology prioritizes user experience by utilizing the three main pillars of its operation: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It creates a visually appealing and interactive browser or website for the user so that the concept comes to life.

It also helps test the website or browser for bugs, checks its functionality, and manages the software workflow. Therefore, while looking for a development company, consider their knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS as essential prerequisites.

Also, as multiple projects and systems will be processed, look for expertise in API for better Node JS development. It is for adequately interpreting the API codes (that act as a medium between programmed code and JS search engine) to apply to the project.

Node JS Beyond HTTP and DevOps Understanding

Node JS is specially designed to work beyond the barriers of the HTTP protocol. They should be able to work on protocols like XMPP server/client or peer-to-peer to ensure that the development team has enough understanding of the subject. This enables swift code programming, easy implementation, and the creation of applications.

With Node JS, there will be multiple projects to tackle, and each project will have different requirements. Similarly, there will be a different set of difficulties with each project.

Therefore, look for development companies that are DevOps certified so that the developer can solve problems of load balancing and scaling the app across various servers and databases efficiently.

Error Handling and Data Protection Features

Node JS can make errors, especially when CPU-bound tasks are placed. This is because of its asynchronous performance nature that can only take up other requests in the queue if previous ones have been fulfilled, making the wait time longer. Also, it is challenging to maintain the code due to its nested call-backs.

Therefore, the company should be well-versed in handling errors by knowing when to log in, retry, syntax application, troubleshoot, etc.

Made up your mind to outsource software development? Make sure you choose a company that is proficient in implementing data security measures and authorization features for the verification of users. This will ensure that the data of the project remains protected.


Presently, Node JS is used by around 30 million websites and is the back-end language of famous companies like eBay, AliExpress, Netflix, PayPal, etc. It suggests that Node JS (as of now) is the most highly demanded technology at an enterprise level.

Due to its usability in creating web-based applications, functional applications, games, customization software, and tools, several firms and front-end developers are looking for Node JS developers and development companies.

Node JS can reduce developing costs by 58%, load time by 50-60%, and increase performance by 50%. Therefore, it is vital to understand the value of Node JS and the development company before the hiring process.

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