PDFBear Rotate PDF Tool: Quick Way to Rotate PDF Online

PDFBear Rotate PDF Tool

We can create documents in many forms or formats. Installed software and online tools enable us to do so. We can encode words and data and even transfer files to another platform or send them to another individual. Typically, documents are oriented horizontally.

However, some may position vertically. This scenario is possible in all file formats, including a pdf. When this happens, it becomes visually upsetting and frustrating for some. Moreover, rotating pdfs individually can be a handful. PDFBear will help you resolve such a problem. Users can access its Rotate PDF utility and turn the angle of their pdf files.

Steps on How to Rotate PDF

Some may find it challenging to rotate pdf especially for those who are not tech-savvy. PDFBear is aware of such concern – it acknowledges that not everyone is familiar with the program. As a result, this online utility programs all the tools in a straightforward and quick process.

It is user–friendly and can accommodate anyone who visits the website. Users are required to choose the pdf document they need to rotate to start the process. They may drag and drop the file to Dropbox on the site or get it from their device.

The site provides you options to choose from when it comes to turning your files. The angles range from 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Click on your preferred angle. Then, click the “Rotate PDF” icon to initiate the process. You can rotate individual or multiple files. PDFBear is also aware that such a task can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Don’t worry. PDFBear will automatically process your file after hitting the “Rotate PDF” icon.

Download or Share Your Rotated File

All processes within the PDFBear are accomplished on the cloud. These include the “Rotate PDF” feature. After rotational changes are applied to your file, the “Download” icon will automatically show up. Once you press this tab, your newly edited file will be saved on your device. Users also have the option to share the edited pdf file. You can share it to cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive storage.

5 Points to Remember When Using PDFBear

Below is a rundown of essential things you should learn about this web-based utility.

1.PDFBear values security. This online platform pays high regard to the confidentiality and safety of users. It is stated in the Privacy Policy that all data and information uploaded on their website are automatically deleted after an hour. You can be confident that others cannot access your file because the platform employs a sophisticated security system.

2. This online tool is equipped with a remarkable compatibility feature. It works well with almost all devices and operating systems. Thus, making it easier and faster to rotate pdf whenever you need to. It does not matter whether you are using a laptop, smartphone, or iPad. When you receive an email with PDF pages, you can immediately rotate them if a rotation is needed. With just a stable internet connection and a few taps on buttons, you can easily edit documents.

3. PDFBear can handle single or multiple pages for editing. This is true to other tools it offers, such as conversion and even removing files. Moreover, the website allows you to review each page you need to rotate quickly. PDFBear can help you turn pdf correctly with just a few clicks.

4. PDFBear is for free. It’s a great alternative to other editing software for PDF, such as Adobe Acrobat. It is free of charge but does the same job and produces quality results.

5. However, if you want to enjoy more of its features and maximize PDFBear, including its cloud storage, you can sign up for a monthly membership – the Pro version.

Check these other helpful tools from PDFBear

 1.PDF Reader

PDFBear’s PDF Reader can read and access all types of pdfs. Moreover, it can provide a high–resolution preview of your pdf documents, including the photographs. Submit the file directly to the PDF Reader tool, and you can immediately access and view your pdf document.

2.Protect PDF File

There is a significant amount of risk online; this is a fact that everyone should admit. Hackers and online theft exist. However, users can find ways and secure their data or files with the help of platforms like PDFBear. This online utility does not only help you with file management and creation but also aids you in securing them.

The PDF feature enables you to safeguard your pdf file with a password. The first step is to submit the document you need to encrypt. When you are done with the submission, type in the password you like to use, be careful in using obvious codes such as names, birthdays, and basic numerical combinations. After, press Encrypt PDF and save your newly secured file.


PDFBear is a reliable online platform that provides efficient and safe file conversion, modification, and security tools. You can rotate the pdf or use other tools without worrying about the confidentiality of your data. The security features have enabled you to work with confidence and incredible ease.

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