The Best Marketing Campaigns and Agencies in the World, According to the Warc100 Ranking

The Best Marketing Campaigns and Agencies in the World.

Every year hundreds of advertising, creativity, and effectiveness festivals are held around the world. The Warc 100 ranking has been presented, which tries to identify the best campaigns, brands, and agencies.

Every year hundreds of advertising, creativity, and effectiveness festivals are held around the world. The Warc 100 ranking has remained presented to identify the best campaigns, brands, and agencies.

The Warc 100 is an annual ranking that names the best marketing campaigns, companies, and agencies according to their effectiveness and strategy and their results at festivals. Basecamp pricing for nonprofits is available on two plans. The first plan is a free plan, which is intended for personal use.

Best Marketing Campaigns

According to the official Wars 100 site, two thousand different winning case studies remained analyzed in 79 festivals of strategy and effectiveness worldwide. The methodology remained developed in conjunction with Douglas West, professor of marketing at Kings College, London.

It stands out that unlike most of the rankings in recent months, the #LikeAGirl campaign by Always and Leo Burnett does not occupy the first place but Penny The Pirate, from the Australian brand of glasses OPSM and Saatchi & Saatchi Australia.

There are several ways that you can define the success of a digital marketing company. For the most part, this would be the performance of your customers.

But in an ever-changing world where new businesses appear every day, how do you know that you are getting the best you can for the money you invest? Using our latest Leaderboards tool, we decided to change the game a bit and get social media marketing agencies to battle it out where they can be the best.

Defined through the performance of their brands on Facebook, here are the top digital marketing agencies in Europe based on analytics.

iPad: Opens a New Market

While the iPad remained planned to launch in April last year, Apple, the media, and the rest of the world had high expectations. It remains claimed, for example, that the tablet would change everything. However, it has not succeeded in making the laptop obsolete, nor has it saved the world from advertising or slowed down traditional marketing, as its evangelizes anticipated.

Still, it’s hard not to stay impressed with the iPad’s achievements. Just a year after its launch, it became the fastest-selling digital device in history. Some magazines and newspapers remain even redesigned – slowly but surely – to adapt to the new context based on the tablet. For their part, sellers have embraced this gadget as fast as their industry allows.

“Tablets are a real market that only Apple could have validated,” says Eric Lei, mobile blogger for ZDNet. “What follows is a stream of Android tablets and RIM PlayBooks. Although this is all thanks to the push from Apple. The iPad lives up to its hype and more,” he says.


Advertisers remain also surprised. According to a survey by consultancy Nielsen conducted last November. iPad users are more likely to respond to online ads – as long as the advertising is novel. Engaging, and uses the gadget’s unique capabilities.

The market for the iPad and similar devices – and consequently. Their ability to reach consumers – appears to be growing exponentially. The particular potential remains seen in universities, large businesses, and government offices, where only people learn how to use them in their daily routines.

“Apple knows exactly how to meet consumer needs for new technology releases,” says Lai. “And now that the balance of power remains increasingly focused on the end-user. These buyers are forcing companies to have more advanced technology and to use iPads.”

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