How To Maximise Your Winnings In Online Slots

To Maximise Your Winnings In Online Slots


The game of bingo needs no introduction –– this game has players from all around the world, and has transcended beyond the barriers of nationalities and cultures. This rise in popularity subsequently saw the explosion of online bingo all over the Internet. Now, as long as you have a smart device and Internet access, you can play bingo virtually from anywhere in the world.

Whilst some people take online bingo as a leisure activity to pass time, others may see it as a legitimate means of earning income on the side. If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably more interested in learning how to make some serious winnings from online bingo. As such, we’re here to provide you with reliable tips and tricks on maximizing your profits from online bingo.

Here’s How To Maximize Your Profits

Although many assume that luck is the only determining factor that can affect your winning rate, it is often not the case. Whilst luck undoubtedly has a stake in it, it’s not something that you can control –– and hence, not worthy to lose sleep on. However, we argue that there are other things you can use to your advantage, which will consequently increase your chances of winning on

Make Use Of Existing Bonuses

Online bingo sites offer a wide selection of bonuses that are used to incentivize new players to sign up and retain loyal customers. Offering free and exclusive bonuses are essential for spicing up the game, as they bring a touch of curiosity and excitement to the table.

Different online bingo sites offer a variety kinds of bonuses and benefits –– such as referral bonuses, welcome bonuses, and reload bonuses, to say the least. Do remember to conduct your research before committing to a specific bingo site, as you might be required to sign up for these bonuses and satisfy certain requirements to make the most out of them.

Choose Bingo Cashbacks

As affiliates of the main online bingo sites, the main objective of bingo cashback is to encourage new players to sign up with a specific gambling company. Once a potential player clicks on the sign-up link, the cashback site will receive a fixed commission rate. Concurrently, cashback sites will then reward new players with credits or money, which is otherwise known as a cashback amount. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Usually, most bingo cashback sites will offer you the same amount of credits or money as the amount that you deposited. This can be incredibly profitable, as you’re able to play all-out knowing that your losses are minimal –– if you lose, you’ll still get the same amount back, and if you win, you get double the winnings!

Choose Games With A Jackpot Prize

Shoot for the moon, and you’ll land amongst the stars. Winning a jackpot might seem like a distant dream, but it can be closer to reality than you think. As long as you stand a chance to win, it’s worth giving it a shot. Keep an eye out for daily jackpot prizes –– some Bingo companies are known to offer huge cash prize tournaments on specific days! We recommend playing during the off-peak hours where there are lesser players, as the reduced competition gives you better odds at winning more money.

Furthermore, we suggest checking out the jackpot prize before entering into a Bingo match, as you don’t want to waste money on a game that won’t give you your desired returns. Moreover, a general rule of thumb is to search for those with 20-40 players during off-peak hours. Do remember to enter in any promotional codes or bonuses that you may have accumulated during registration, as these can help maximize your profits further.

Download Mobile Bingo Applications

There are plenty of bingo applications that offer unique and exclusive features that cannot be found anywhere else –– such as spin wheels, free cards, and super scratch. Not only do these additional features add significant boosts of excitement, but they also increase the profitability of your money and time.

Online bingo applications are known for their high-end graphics, free plays, and lucrative rewards for achieving milestones. Although these freebies may take some time to accumulate, it comes 100% free and can be played together with larger Bingo games. Although all of the applications are verified, lucrative, and legal, it doesn’t hurt to check out their review page to spot for doubt or criticisms.

How To Maximise Your Winnings In Online Slots

Consider The Bingo Room Size

Weekends are an ever-favorite period for online gamblers to play in. Although a larger room with more players may lower the odds of winning, it tends to have larger (around hundreds of thousands) worth of rewards. In contrast, a smaller room during off-peak hours would significantly increase your chances of winning, but with a smaller prize.

The most profitable strategy is to choose a room with more to gain, then factor in how many people you foresee streaming into the space. Similarly, a good gauge is to choose one that has around 20 to 4o people playing in a game. This means that competition might be strong, but it’s better than sticking around for a measly cash prize.

Play Several Bingo Cards at Once

The simple math is that the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. It is advised to play with approximately six cards per game but that can vary from person to person. However, do remember that playing with more cards means that you’ll have to fork out more money. There are no fixed rules so do what you feel is best for you.

Am I Able To Make Money From Online Bingo?

The short answer is yes. Incorporating these tips and tricks will allow you to control the factors that can be controlled to increase your odds of winning. As long as you strategize beforehand and play smart, it is possible to have a net profit from playing online bingo.

Players are known to have winnings that range from hundreds of dollars to even millions –– that’s a crazy amount of money! While that happens to only one in every million people, online bingo sites offer plenty of chances and incentives for players to rake in a bit more money. Use the tips provided in this article to your advantage.

How To Maximise Your Winnings In Online Slots


By following the right gambling strategy and having the appropriate discernment, we’re sure that you’ll begin collecting a steady stream of winnings. Hopefully, you’ve found our tips helpful, and we hope that your next gambling matches will be more fruitful!

Do take note that online gambling will always come with a risk, so feel free to tweak and amend these tips as necessary. Good luck, and stay safe!


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