8 Must-Watch TV Shows Accessible via DIRECTV Packages

Must-Watch TV Shows Accessible via DIRECTV Packages

Must-Watch TV Shows Accessible via DIRECTV Packages – Watching television is among the most precious of pastimes. Finally, being able to escape the frustrations of real-life and entering the fictional worlds with limitless possibilities is something very few people can say no to.

That is why we thought to let you know about some of the most exciting TV shows that are worth watching right now. Especially, if you are subscribed to DIRECTV packages, you can enjoy all of these and much more at highly reasonable monthly rates.

Ordinary Joe

Ordinary Joe brings forth a refreshing concept for the TV genre – Starring James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau, the series takes us three the life of the protagonist in three parallel timelines. After Joe graduates from college, he makes some serious life decisions. Thus, leading him to take part in three completely different career paths, a police officer, a nurse, and a musician. Other notable actors joining this cast include Natalie Martinez, Elizabeth Lail, Charlie Barnett, and a few others.


Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the series revolves around the last surviving humans 7 years after the world became a frozen desert. The only hope for the people left to survive is a train that circles the globe throughout the year without any breaks.

In addition to the horrors of almost being extinct, the habitants of the train have to suffer through a cruel caster system where the rich have all the privileges and the poor still come in last. Actors blessing the cast of this TV show include Daveed Diggs, Iddo Goldberg, Alison Wright, and several others.


Even though this is quite an old TV show, it is still a worthy contender among TV shows from the fantasy genre. The series kicks with the sight of a plane crash on a tropical island. After having processed the initial trauma of the crash, the survivors must struggle to make arrangements for their survival ahead.

Though the seemingly boring island proves to be something way more than expected. This then leads the survivors to take part in experiences of unbelievable proportions. Leading cast members of this TV show are Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and some others.

Mr. Robot

Spanning over four seasons, Mr. Robot focuses on the life of a genius hacker and cybersecurity professional named Elliot (portrayed by Rami Malek). His strange personality makes him keep to himselfmostly. However, everything changes when he ends up twisted with a criminal mastermind who wants him to infiltrate the organization he works for. Does he comply with the mastermind? Or does he refuse? These answers shall only be answered if you decide to tune into this show. So, call up the DIRECTV Customer Service team and grab your subscription right away.

Squid Game

Squid Game is proving to be the most popular TV show on Netflix right now. Though, that is not the only place you can catch all the excitement. DIRECTV packages can also provide instant access to this fan-favorite phenomenon.

The series focuses on the participants of a seemingly childish competition, where hundreds of poverty-stricken people take part, surprisingly for a grand prize of more than 45 million dollars. However, the games prove to be a matter of life and death. Actors taking part in this spectacle include Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-Joon, and various others.


Yellowstone is a Western drama from show creators John Linson and Taylor Sheridan. The story revolves around the Dutton family in Montana that runs the largest ranch in the United States. The majority of their time is spent fending off intruders and trespassers. Actors joining this spectacle include Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, and a few others.


Succession is a satirical comedic drama that premiered back in 2018. The plot revolves around the Roy family who has the largest entertainment company across the globe. But once the head of the family decides to step down from the corporate duties in the company, a wave of tension travels through the entire family. Now, each member of the family is in an attempt to take over the lead of the company. Prominent Hollywood celebrities joining this cast are Nicholas Braun, Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Peter Friedman, and Alan Ruck.

The Sinner

Finally, The Sinner is a crime mystery that you definitely need to check out. The show is an anthology series that analysis why and how seemingly ordinary people take part in the most heinous of criminal acts. The show has aired for 4 seasons so far and all of them are awaiting your viewership. Not to mention you have phenomenal performances to look forward to from actors like Bill Pullman, Jessica Hecht, Dohn Norwood, and Jessica Biel.

All Things Considered

These are only some of the TV shows that you could easily access by subscribing to DIRECTV packages. So, pick up your phones and subscribe to the service right away.

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