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Today, the internet is incorporated into our lives, so that it is practically impossible to do anything without it. It is no coincidence that it is progressively difficult to see people disconnected from their cell phones, having the internet at their fingertips.

And if our life is no longer the same with the internet, the same can be said about the purchase process. Today it is widespread for us to look for products or services that we want on the internet, either to look for the best prices (when we already know what we want). To look for information about a particular product or service (when we are still studying the possibility of purchase) or even discover more about a problem we have (when we still do not know which explanation will help us).

We call all this Digital Marketing: a set of information and actions that can remain done in various digital media to promote companies and products.

How to do Digital Marketing

As we said, Digital Marketing, because it is a very extensive/macro issue, has a vast diversity of disciplines, strategies, and specific techniques. Thus, there are innumerable ways to apply Digital Marketing.

But, despite many possibilities for Digital Marketing applications, there are those strategies/techniques that stand out for being used by the vast majority and usually bring positive results. They are:

  • Content Marketing;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Social media;
  • Conversion Optimization – CRO;
  • Search Marketing – SEM.

Next, we are going to talk a slight about each of these strategies:

Content MarketingContent Marketing

Content Marketing is all gratified made to educate, inform or interest a future customer. The idea is to educate people so that in the future they not only respect your brand and have it as a reference, but also become clients of your company.

But that content is not just any content: it must talk about matters related to your market and about the possible difficulties and doubts of your people (that is, the fictional representations of your target audience).

But, in the end, why is Gratified Marketing essential for Digital Marketing?

As we said, today, the buying procedure is increasingly in the hand of the consumer. Information about products and services is no lengthier a privilege of companies and sellers and is now nearby mainly because of the internet.

Think carefully: when did you buy something without looking at least once on the internet about it? Probably a while ago. Therefore, your company must invest in Content Marketing so that consumers find it when they look for the market solutions you offer.

It happens that people are hardly looking for information about products or services. They want, above all, to solve problems. The product/service is only the concluding stage of this process.

Therefore, it is not enough to produce gratifications about your company and your solution: you need to create value for your spectators and answer the doubts and problems before knowing that your creation or service is the solution they need.

For example: if you have stock control software. Instead of just writing about your platform and its advantages, consider how the consumer would reach your solution.

What do you need to know before understanding that standard control software is successful in helping you? Then you can create content that advises on organizing your company’s stock. How to calculate the store, or the solutions that can help someone manage the inventory of their company.

Thus, when your target audience searches for these issues on the internet, they are much more likely to find your content (and if the material generates value for them, the chances that your customer will convert are much higher).

Beyond that, if he already knows the solution but doubts your product or that of the competition, having good content can be the differential for the public to choose you.

Email MarketingEmail Marketing

Email Marketing means the direct sending of a commercial message, typically to a collection of people, via email. By definition, every email sent to a potential or current client can be considered Email Marketing.

Generally, it remains used to send promotions, acquire a business, request sales or donations. And its purpose is to build loyalty, trust, or branding (brand disclosure).

Email Marketing can remain used for sold lists (although this practice is not the most suitable) or for lists built for clients and potential clients (Leads).

In summary. The term remains used to categorize email messages to increase a company’s relationship with its current, old, or future clients. Encourage loyalty and repeat business. Acquire new clients, or convince current clients to buy. a particular product.

Email Marketing, associated with other forms of Digital Marketing, remains considered cheap. In addition. It is a way to quickly establish and communicate the purpose of the company with existing or potential clients.

Commonly, this channel remains perceived by recipients as invasive and irritating, especially for new or potential customers. Still, even so, the success of Email Marketing is directly related to the language and visual appeal applied.

In terms of applied visuals

Around are indications that the use of graphics/visuals is relevant to the message that remains trying to remain sent. Nevertheless, it remains not indicated to establish close relationships in initial emails since it does not establish empathy.

Hence the importance of obtaining personality in these cases. In terms of language, style is the most significant determining factor in defining how engaging that message will be.

Using a casual tone generates better results than a more informal language. By combinations, the use of graphics/visuals throughout everyday language remains not suggested.

Beyond these factors, the possibility of measuring email metrics is what brings relevance to the channel. It remains possible to start communication quickly and understand if it remains being applied correctly by analyzing opens and clicks.

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