4 Essential Features To Look For In Freelance Time Tracking Software

Freelance Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is an excellent tool for any freelancer or small business owner because it can help you track how much time you spend on different projects.  It can also help you track your productivity and ensure you don’t spend too much time on one project if it’s taking too long.

If you’re looking for freelance time tracking software, you must ensure you get what you need.  Here are some essential features when choosing freelance time tracking software.

Why You Need Freelance Time Tracking Software

1.   Accurate Time Tracking

Accuracy is an essential feature of any good time tracker. If you’re using a tool to track how much time you spend on projects, it needs to be able to do so. Accurate tracking will ensure you don’t miss out on billable hours. This allows you to stay on top of your invoices, track how much money is coming in and manage your finances.

It will also be easier to set deadlines with time tracking. Your productivity will increase as a result of streamlining your workflow.

2.   Analytics and Reporting

Freelance time tracking software come with built-in analytics tools that allow you to see how much time each project has taken so far and how much it costs per hour for a project.

Unless the time tracking application presents the data in an understandable and visually appealing manner, it will not be useful. A comprehensive and easy-to-understand set of data is needed.  Analyzing the business’s performance requires the freelancer to convert the data into visual reports such as charts and graphs. This enables the freelancer to make effective decisions.

3.   Online Invoicing

One of the main reasons why freelancers choose to use time tracking software is so that they can easily invoice their clients at the end of each week or month.  It automates the process of generating bills, which would otherwise consume much time if done manually.  Also, the automated process prevents a lot of disputes when it comes to discrepancies between billed and employee hours.

4.   Notifications

Time tracking software notifications are a great asset.  For instance, users can receive an automated notification when they fail to clock in or out on time.  Additionally, this can be used for sending regular project notifications and task deadline notifications.  Freelancers are more likely to stay on track and prevent procrastination, a major problem facing freelancing careers today.  Thus, freelancers can perform well and meet their schedules to deliver projects on time.


When it comes to freelancing and staying on top of your time, it is good to find time tracking software that works for you.  You want a dashboard that is easy to use to quickly see how much time you have spent on each task or project, plan better, and maximize your productivity.  Also,  tome management software will allow you to track how much time is spent working on individual tasks, so you can be more productive while billing your clients correctly. Analyzing previous project data can help set better delivery deadlines for the future.

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