Game Of Thrones: A Complete Show Review By A Fan

Game Of Thrones

‘A throne which has seen more bloodshed than any other century!’

But, Game Of Thrones is more than just a war flick. There are six families fighting for a throne, kings, and queens who are too capable and some who aren’t at all.

It is a medieval drama with all the outlandish essence that makes it different from any other television show. Yes, the explicit sex scenes included!

Oh, and there are dragons as well!

A real nail-biter with a tinge of supernatural. Vis a vis a perfect show.

If you are planning to watch GOT, then here is a fair warning,

– You won’t be able to watch one episode at a time, so prepare yourself for some serious binging!

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A Game Of Throne Review

This is probably not the first time that you have recommended this series if you have never watched it.

So, if you are serious about giving this show a chance finally and just wondering,

-What is the big deal?

Then let us tell you the big deal. This is an honest review from a true fan!

No spoilers.

The First Season

When you start watching this show, you will be immediately hooked to the mesmerizing plotline, the scandalous relation, and the brutal fights.

Plus, the parallel story of Daenerys Targaryen, the last of the Targaryen blood, and her strong-willed dream of capturing the iron throne, which is rightfully hers, is intriguing.

The season starts with a girl who is a victim of her time. Being unwillingly married, almost sold to the leader of the Dothraki tribe [Karl Drogo], and ends with the audience getting a little taste of her immense power as the ‘mother of the dragons.’

The parallel end shows the pompously powerful Lannister family who has not left a sin to commit [even incestry], and the ever-righteous Stark family and the terrible fate they endure from the moment they make acquaintance with the sinful family.

From a crippled son to ‘The Red Wedding!”

Whose symbolism you can only understand only once you watch the show.

What Interests The Audience!

A majorly interesting factor of the show is the characteristics of each character and the commendable acting of each actor who has made their phenomenal portrayal possible.

Rather than making one protagonist and one antagonist, the show devours into the true human nature of each character.

In fact, many times, Daenerys and Cersei Lannister, the two queens of the show, have been compared as two sides of the same coin!

Beautiful shedding light on how no one person is either wholly righteous or evil!

With much inclusivity, which explores all sexuality!

Plus, every character has their own story, which correlates to the main plot. Whether we talk about Arya Stark and her revenge list, or Jon Snow and his time as a warden of the north,

Or, Sansa Stark, whose naive view of the world changes as the season progresses and increases the cruelty she bears.

Every character has a different story to follow, and it is interesting to see the intersection between them. There is no such thing as monotony in the show, as throughout you will be at the edge of your seating, sweating even though,

-Winter is coming!

The Ending

By the end of the eighth season, it did leave us fans a little disappointed.

To be perfectly candid!

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