Best Smartphones To Buy In 2022

Best Smartphones To Buy

Pretty much everyone on the planet has a smartphone now. Whether you favour budget devices or top-of-the-range flagship beasts, there’s a very good chance you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket, according to statistics. There’s a good reason for that, too: smartphones are incredible. They can tell you the weather, help you look up any information you might want to know, and facilitate communication with your friends, among many other things.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of options out there, and they now come at such a range of prices that even online loans can help you to buy one if you need them. Of course, the smartphone market is close to saturated, with so many different options that it can be hard to know where to start. Here are the best smartphones to buy in 2022!

Samsung Galaxy S22 range

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 range represents the best Android smartphone experience money can buy right now. It might not be the most price-efficient way to experience this operating system; there are plenty of other phones that run Google’s mobile OS, and we’ll get to some of them shortly. However, for sheer power, the Galaxy S22 is hard to beat. If you’re into big phones, pick up the S22 Ultra, which essentially supplanted Samsung’s classic Note range this year, coming with an S Pen and boasting an absolutely massive screen.

iPhone 14 Pro

The base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models are all well and good, but if you ask us, it’s the Pro models where you’ll get your money’s worth. The new Dynamic Island feature ingeniously turns the front-facing camera into a notification area and a media player, among other things, transforming a hardware handicap into a bespoke feature in and of itself. Elsewhere, it’s the same Apple iPhone you know and love, with a monstrously fast chip powering it and a beautiful silky-smooth screen. If you’re a more budget-conscious consumer, the base iPhone 14 range is still great.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Again, consider this a recommendation for the Google Pixel range across the board; if you’re strapped for money, then you’ll want to pick up the Pixel 6a, which is still an incredible phone despite its advancing age. The Pixel 7 Pro’s biggest selling point is arguably its clean, basic Android install; you’ll find this phone completely and utterly free of bloat, which means you’re getting a streamlined, speedy operating system that’s lightning-fast. The camera is excellent on the Pixel range, too, so if you’re a shutterbug, here’s where you’ll want to start.

Motorola Moto G82 5G

For a dirt-cheap 5G smartphone, look no further than the Motorola Moto G82. Motorola has made a name for itself creating low-cost, high-quality smartphones, and the Moto G82 is no exception. It’s got a huge screen, massive battery life, and a 120Hz OLED display; using this phone simply doesn’t feel like a compromise on quality at all. Of course, if you use it side-by-side with a flagship phone, you’ll feel some of the differences, but considering the rock-bottom price point, we’re extremely impressed with what the G82 can do.

OnePlus 10 Pro

Once again, OnePlus comes through with an astonishingly powerful phone for a very competitive price. The company’s reputation as a flagship-killer may have fallen by the wayside to some extent, but OnePlus can still punch with the best of them, and the 10 Pro proves that to be the case. Its Hasselblad-developed cameras pack a real wallop, with gorgeous daylight quality and respectable nighttime shots. As ever, OnePlus’ charging protocol has to be seen to be believed; your phone battery will skyrocket and you’ll never need to worry about your device dying again.

Realme GT 2 Pro

While we’re talking about devices with great price points and high specs, let’s talk about the Realme GT 2 Pro. Realme isn’t a name you might recognise; it’s technically a relative newcomer to the smartphone space, having spun off from its position as an Oppo subsidiary back in 2018. However, Realme has come out of the gate swinging; its GT 2 Pro device boasts a jaw-dropping price, as well as a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip that ensures all of your daily tasks will be buttery-smooth. The design of the phone itself is nice, too, thanks to its “paper tech” aesthetic.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

In Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 11, we have yet another hard-hitting budget contender. The phone costs just shy of £200 in the UK, and you’ll probably be able to find it for slightly less if you shop around, but it doesn’t have specs that match that price point. The 90Hz AMOLED display is gorgeous, and the fast-charging protocol means your battery will be alive and ready to go before you know it. This phone has a Snapdragon 680 chip inside it, too, so tasks like browsing the web, sending emails, and even light gaming are all well within your reach.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Last but certainly not least, we have this rather strange offering from Samsung. Flip phones used to be all the rage back in the late 90s and early 2000s, but Samsung isn’t interested in replicating that clamshell style; instead, this device goes for a pocket-friendly, compact aesthetic that emphasises the strange form factor of the Flip4. With a secondary display on the outside of the device, as well as fun features like the perspective-warping FlexCam, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the device for you if you’re not interested in adhering to conventions.

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