Machine Learning: What it is and why it Matters

Machine Learning

Machine learning is often confused with artificial intelligence, as it serves almost the same purpose. The difference between the two terms is that artificial intelligence helps a machine emulate human behavior. However, machine learning is considered a subset of Al that assists the user get information from past data.

Basic understanding of the AI Technology:

The objective of the technology is to adapt new data without human intervention. It allows recommendations to be made based on analyses and calculations. Companies like Micro Focus that utilize it usually infuse artificial intelligence to acquire information from fed input. These systems identify patterns, learn, and make decisions without interference from human beings.

Who conceptualized the AI term?

AI technology has become popular in the last ten years. However, in 1950 Arthur Samuels, the pioneer of artificial intelligence conceptualized it. He defined it as a field of study that allowed computers to learn without programming.

Why does this Artificial Intelligence field matter?

Machine technology is an essential tool in the 21st century. Consequently, you can utilize it in several fields and industries. Companies use it to predict consumer behavior, understand consumers, tailor product development and develop marketing initiatives.

Knowledge aid is gaining importance in modern times due to the proliferation of big data, high-speed internet, and the affordability of computational power. The technology helps to analyze large and complex data sets accurately. Several companies that desire to mitigate risks, cut costs, and improve the quality of life adopt it. Additionally, it can detect cybersecurity breaches.

Application of the System:

1. Customer Relationship Management- Companies use the AI technology models to evaluate emails. Therefore, they enable sales representatives to respond to specific messages first.
2. Human Resource Information Systems- You can use the technology to filter through job applications and select the best candidate for a post.
3. Business Intelligence- Businesses use it to establish potential data points and anomalies.
4. Virtual Assistants- Companies use the technology to interpret natural speech. Therefore, it is supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence.
5. Self-driving cars-These vehicles use AI algorithms to identify visible objects and notify the driver.
6. Cybersecurity- Companies use behavioral analytics to establish suspicious events that indicate zero-day attacks, APTs, and insider threats.
7. Digital Assistants- Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant search the web and offer recommendations based on voice commands.

Real Examples of the Machine Technology:

1. Uber -Uses the system in its business models. It uses an algorithm to match its drivers with passengers.
2. Google-Uses the technology to bring forth advertisements in searches.
3. Facebook-Uses the AI technology to personalize a member’s feeds and reinforces online buying behavior.

Companies can apply this artificial technology in various ways, such as image processing, learning association, medical diagnosis, regression, and classification, among other areas. The above reasons highlight the importance of using the technology and its relevance to the modern world.

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