Phone 12 Pro Max, Analysis: Productivity And Creation

Phone 12 Pro Max

The arrival of the iPhone 12 Pro Max adds a leap from the next-generation iPhone 12 Pro: it adds more size and adds features that no other previous generation model has. It is the first time it happens with the Max surname, and it is similar to what the Plus range has put on the table from the iPhone 6.

Even though this year the iPhone 12 ( as a general product ) remains very well compensated in the four models, it is in this Pro Max where we find the features that those looking for a further step in photography with the iPhone may need extra Of battery. In addition, the screen is expanded from 6.5 “on the iPhone 11 Pro Max to 6.7” on this new iPhone 12 Pro Max. The justification is the reduction of the edges by having a flat construction and a slight decrease in the contour of the screen, which allows using a little more space.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, Perfecting The GenerationiPhone 12 Pro Max, Perfecting The Generation

The rest of the characteristics, and even colors, remain the same throughout the Pro range: the analysis model in this article is gold. This year has a more attenuated color compared to other gold colors of different generations. It is somewhat softer, not as coppery as we have seen in other models, and has a striking golden edge that seems very marked in Apple’s official photos, but it is much more discreet in day-to-day life.

Honestly, I found it more beautiful in reality than in the product images, although I still think that the color of this generation is undoubtedly Pacific Blue. Even so, if you like the tonality in gold in hand, it goes much more unnoticed than it seems. When direct light hits it, we see the most golden hue ( and even in these situations, it still maintains a more elegant touch than it may seem ).

Let’s Talk About The New Size:

this new iPhone 12 Pro Max is slightly taller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, just under a centimeter. However, it is surprising because it seems lighter (even though, in theory, the product’s construction tells us that they are 226g, the same as the previous year). The thickness is thinner, and the width is practically identical. Is means that this new iPhone 12 Pro Max remains designed for all those who need a large screen, where this year it is magnificent.

It is perfect for playing games, reading documentation, web pages, or any other written content. The HD videos on this larger Super Retina XDR screen, you can imagine they look magnificent, with a small improvement in the speakers that makes them gain some power to my ears. In hand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max follows the line of the previous generation and is comfortable despite the angled edges – a fact that perhaps improves the grip on this very large model.

At The Power Level, Identical To The Rest Of Its “Brothers”:

same A14 chip with the same frequency and speed. The mononucleosis results from surprises and anticipates a very good punch when they reach Macs with Apple Silicon processors if they start from this model. For the curious, these are the data from the Geekbench test report:

The Battery Is Another Of The Most Visible Improvements:

even recording Dolby Vision video at 4K can handle the day perfectly when combining it with other tasks such as mail, a couple of chapters of a series on Apple TV +, and several calls. Use of the Microsoft suite ( Outlook, Teams. ), social networks. Through altogether this, this new Pro Max reaches perfectly happening 22:00 ( meanwhile 9:00 ) through an average of approximately 65% ​​battery concerning the different days.

Low Light Camera Improvements And More Stabilization

One of the changes in this new Max is how the phone captures light for photos and videos and the stabilization system. For the former, the iPhone 12 Pro Max widens the telephoto lens aperture from f / 2 to f / 2.2 and increases the optical zoom from x2 to x2.5. The range, if we count it from the ultra-wide-angle position, is 5x. The digital zoom has also increased up to x12.

The visible improvement in the Max to capture more light with the wide-angle lens is the f / 1.6 aperture with pixels that now capture more light. Apple told us up to 87% more in low light and improved the telephoto lens by 65mm ( which allows us to get even closer to our objective ). To test precisely these low-light environments, I was taking photos in an environment with light contrasts in the middle of the night, the results of which you can see in this gallery:

My feeling when using it is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max shoots photos in low light much faster because it does not need to expose more due to the improved capture at the pixel level. I also notice an improvement in the stabilization of the photos when I hold the iPhone with my hands, giving a little more definition for it.

This time, Apple has chosen to provide optical stabilization to the sensor that captures the image rather than the lens itself. IOS allows you to manage light control better since the A14 chip makes calculations in real-time to make the micro-adjustments ( 5000 per second ) that the exposure needs. It is easier to move the sensor directly to find the balance of the disclosure. Stabilization. It is also noticeable even in videos captured at low light at ultra-wide angles.

The iPhone 12 For Demanding

The sum that the Max model offers to the rest of the range in a certain way perfects the product for those who need more on-screen and on camera, whose combination must go hand in hand so that they can work together. The larger screen remains appreciated by those of us who like large screens. That extra size that we have found in this generation resolves to reach up to 2778×1284 pixels, the highest pixel density ever seen on an iPhone so far.

The improvement in the cameras allows us to play much more with our captures, waiting for the arrival of the Apple ProRaw format that will arrive before the end of the year and apps like Halide to make the most of it. Without a doubt, this device is a small photo lab in your pocket with more possibilities than ever to make our vision as creators come true.

For those looking for everything, including photographic improvements but above all screen, size, this is the model: it starts from € 1259 with 128GB, more than enough to enjoy the device and our creations. On a day-to-day basis, we will have a powerful product that is better than ever as a productivity and creation tool.

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