Surely you have come across the term countless times, Telecom this, Telecom that, here, there, but… Do you really know what the term refers to? Here we tell you what it refers to and why you usually find it everywhere you go.

It is an abbreviation of telecommunications. It remains used to refer to all those forms of communication that use technology. This word has become so popular that companies sometimes use it at the beginning of their names or services. Regardless of how they use it, it would help if you remembered that it refers to telecommunications whenever you see the word insurance.

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What does it consist on?

Telecommunications are services of distance communication we see every day. They consist of sending a message of any type from point to point. The cable TV signal, telephone, and internet are part of telecommunications.

Types of Telecom

According to what they can transmit, telecoms stand divided into:

Cable TV Telecommunications :

We can make use of this part of telecommunications through packages offered by some providers with different channels.

Radio Telecommunications

This type of Telecom is the least used at the moment, it consists of the transmission of voice in waves. Almost all cell phones and computers contain an application in which you can access this signal for free.


Mobile phones are the most conventional form of t e lecom. Almost everyone has access to one. To communicate is required to have balance or credit, which can offer you a package of mobile or cellular plans as handlers, Telcel, Movistar, Virgin Mobile, Axtel, among other suppliers.


The internet is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon of telecoms since all of the above activities can remain carried out through this service. If you want to have a service full of Telecom, we suggest analyzing packets double play and triple play that offer providers like Izzi, Total play, and Cablecom. These packages are a combo that will surely work for you.


Telecom ultimately has come to revolutionize the way humans communicate our life providing the following benefits:

  • Comfort
  • Variety of ways of communicating
  • Media speed

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