The Best Websites That Will Inspire Your Designs

The Best Websites

As digital designers, we are always searching for constant inspiration to create the best web pages and ensure that our users enjoy a pleasant browsing experience and guaranteeing security and a quality visual interface.

So most likely, you have come to our article looking to learn about web page designs, and as we always poverty to offer you the best, keep in mind the  2021 colour trends. Do not forget that colour is of great importance in website design.

Now yes! We have compiled the best web page designs, recognized by the largest community of web designers worldwide, Awwwards. That will undoubtedly inspire your projects or your brand to raise their potential.

In this article, we will share the best web pages with you, and we are sure that they will be your source of inspiration in your day-to-day life. In addition, at the end of the note, we tell you what the best options to carry out free web page design are.

Get ready to add the best web page designs to your “Favorites” tab in your search engine!

Key Elements That Makeup Web Page DesignThe Best Websites That Will Inspire Your Designs (1)

Before seeing the best web pages to remain inspired to create your next digital project, it is essential to be assertive about the key elements that cannot be missing when facing a web design.

The way you combine these elements will lead to a particular style and a particular form of working. When you visit professional web pages, precisely what captivates the user is the total result of all those decisions made by the designer or the work team.


When it comes to thinking about designs for web pages, the alternatives are many. But what makes one design so different from the other? The site’s message to communicate beyond its commercial or marketing objectives is one of the fundamental web design elements.

While keeping in mind the objective for which we create the page is crucial (for example, if you want to sell, you should not hinder access to the shopping cart), when we talk about design per se, the best web pages are those that we they strike at first sight and convey a specific concept.

A great exercise to determine the concept of your website is to answer the same questions that we ask ourselves when thinking about your brand identity. After you are clear about what you mean by the design of your website, you can use the rest of the elements to specify it.

Colour Palette

As you will see in the examples of the best web pages that we will show you below, the use of colours is one of the primary resources that people in charge of web designers use to convey that concept we are talking about.

The best strategy to achieve it? Create a colour palette that identifies your brand and uses it to guide you throughout the entire website design process.

One of the musts of any guide on web page designs is to choose contrasting tones between figure and background. But beware! Remember that you must opt ​​for both complementary and opposite colours to generate contrast at certain design moments. They should not always be black and white, let yourself be carried away by your creativity and develop new ideas.

Multimedia Files

Another of the great allies of the moment of creating web pages are the elements that we insert in other forms that are not blocks of text. For example: still images, videos, reels, carousel, animations, and audio files.

You will notice that the designers have used these resources with great intelligence in the list of the best web pages. It is not always necessary to write or directly communicate an action that you expect from the user. If you are creative, you can achieve great results by combining these elements in your web layout.

Navigation Structure and Call to Action

Yes, we just said that it is not always necessary to directly invite the user to read a particular note or click a button. But what happens if, within your commercial or marketing objectives, you must reach a certain percentage of sales or downloads? Adding CTA’s to your web design is another of the fundamental points of any site.

When thinking about the development of the web page, you should consider what exactly you want users to do once they enter the site. This point is closely related to the navigation structure that the members of the work team will design.

Where does the user get as soon as they enter the site? What is the following information window that opens? Do you have a drop-down menu? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself in a web page development process.

Responsive Design

In addition to creating a navigation map that shows how you want the user to walk through your site, you must choose the colours that best suit your brand identity. Add multimedia files that keep visitors interested and prioritize the display of your page Web. The best web pages have a responsive design.
What does this mean? You must think about what your user needs and act accordingly. If the most traffic to your site remains generated from mobile devices, you must adapt the appearance of your site to that device. On the other hand, one of the newest tools in web design is the concept of UX / UI.

Now, let’s get to work! We know that happiness is essential, but the way you communicate it is too. Please consider all these key elements and be part of our list of the most creative web pages.

Best Websites for Design Agencies

We know that creating or redesigning a web page design is not an easy task. It requires constant research to offer an unforgettable experience to those who are going to visit it for the first time or, in any case, surprise our most frequent visitors.

If you have a digital agency, this selection is a must for you and your team to have the best inspiration to create better websites.

 Web Design With Strategy

Recognized as one of the best websites by Awwwards and produced by the Brazilian agency, Bloquo, Black Madre remains a visual arts studio that offers artistic content for the advertising, fashion, and music sectors.

It has a web page design that, at first glance, we find from the reel, portfolio, contact, and social networks, and by scrolling, we can know every detail.

 Multimedia Web Design And Animation

You will love this design agency! The request was a 2014 finalist as one of the best website designs by the Awwwards community, and the Italian creative agency magically combines the world of multimedia and animation.

Suppose you are looking for web page models for your agency. In that case, you have to be inspired by this one since it has a good design and a fantastic browsing experience—one of the interesting pages on the internet that you cannot forget.

 Combine Your Multimedia Files And Achieve A Concept Like Jam3

Can you imagine entering a website and feel that you are on a chronological journey into the future? Enjoy this visual and exquisite web design (activate your headphones, you won’t regret it).

Jam3, a design and experience action from Canada, has created one of the best websites for its 100 victories. Quality audio content, colourful animations, and gradients make it one of the best examples of interactive websites where the user is not a passive entity but a participant in discovery.

According to Hubspot, gradient effects tend to stay for a long time in web design. This technique gives web page and app designs a modern and innovative air.

Bonus track: We want to share with you a website design that is also aligned with this trend and looks spectacular.

 When Less Is More, Minimalism In Web Design

Suppose you are a lover of minimalism, and the less text, the better. The New Zealand website Marx Design will become one of the best reference websites for you.

Do you remember the concept of UI? This tool is super interesting when you know how to use it, just like Marx Design. With a sober air and images of his portfolio throughout the web design, you will be pleasantly surprised by placing your cursor over each project.

 Cubex, An Example Of 3d Animation

One of the best websites geared towards 3D graphics and animation is Cubex, a UK agency providing branding and design solutions.

The animations help to capture the attention of our users and interact within the web page design. Of course, do not forget to add great calls to action or CTA’s so that they click where you want!

If you want to develop an expert in web development, give yourself a year of premium membership and enjoy all the benefits that Crehana designed especially for you.

Best Websites For E-Commerce

Many medium and small companies have decided to take the giant leap into the digital world due to the health crisis, leading to high demand for web page design. Avoid making these mistakes if your goal is to create the best e-commerce websites.

 Take Advantage Of 3d Images.

An Italian e-commerce website that stands out for transmitting the elegance of its products. One of the best web designs is Penarosa Watches, without a doubt, since this web design has an interface that allows future customers to customize the model of their favourite watch in 3D without having to go to a physical store.

Do you dare to create a 360 ° experience for your e-commerce?

 Traditional Graphic Design Hacks

High-end headphones with a futuristic presentation? You have to visit EarCouture, a Japanese portable audio store, as their website design brings together colourful gradients and a combination of classic fonts.

 A Sensory Experience At The Top

Since its jump in 2011, the Parallax effect stopped being associated with video games and is more current than ever in 2021. And who would not dare to go through these web page designs if they produce a creative experience travelling between their pages?

Dare to create one of the best websites in your region with this beautiful Gucci inspiration

 A Sensory Experience At The Top

Since its jump in 2011, the Parallax effect stopped being associated with video games and is more current than ever in 2021. And who would not dare to go through these web page designs if they produce a creative experience travelling between their pages?

Dare to create one of the best websites in your region with this beautiful Gucci inspiration

 Design The Site For Your User

A website goes beyond combining colours and fonts. Although they must be present because they give harmony and visual warmth to the web page design, you should not neglect an accurate description of the products, catalogue images, recommendations, among other details.

As Stephen Moyers of Spinx Crafting Digital points out, what makes Ma True Cannabis one of the best websites is that “the website offers strong user engagement and the e-commerce functionalities merge into a seamless experience.”

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