Work on Your Online Documents with These 4 Essential Tools

If you work remotely or store documents online, you need editing tools to arrange, edit and streamline your work. Documents are usually improved when good tools are used in making them properly arranged. The digital world keeps evolving, and hence the need for different tools keeps emerging. Hence, some files and documents are necessary for work to be done online. These tools prove beneficial to students, editors, writers, and businesses.

Working online can be tedious, and at times, they require one to make conscious efforts to be productive. To avert time-wasting, some tools will improve your work. Here are some online tools you can use to work on your documents online.

1. Gogo PDF – Document Conversion

GogoPDF is a tool that can enable you to edit and modify your PDF documents with ease. In a few minutes, you can easily convert Word to PDF. While working on your document, you might need to convert it to a different format for varying reasons. Perhaps sending it through PDF would enable other members of your document to access the file.

Files and documents can also be compressed, thereby making your work faster online. This tool makes it easier for you to compress, merge and even convert files into a format. You can even repair a corrupted PDF file. When you are compressing or converting your Pdf into smaller sizes, it can be done in under two minutes.

Gogo PDF also has a split function on its feature. You can extract pages of an existing one in your documents and files and still keep some copies of it. For your Pdf files and documents to be presentable at all times, you can use this tool to rotate a page file when they are in the wrong orientation.

You can use the delete feature of GogoPDF to delete some unwanted pages on your documents online. Gogo PDF is compatible with most systems plus you can access it through the web without downloading any software.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs has an automatic write and save mechanism on its drive, meaning your documents would automatically be saved as you write. It can offer auto-correction solutions so you can avoid errors. They have font styles, colors, and different adjustments that one can choose from during writing.

It also has provisions for how and where links can be shared with viewers and even editors. They are linked to people’s email addresses, so one can still access your files in any part of the world as long as you’re logged into your google account. You can use google docs to write, draw, and even add citations to your document with your device. If you store a large number of files online, it is suitable for arranging and organizing your files.

Easily create useful documents, cards, slides, and forms using Google Docs, Edit, and collaborate from anywhere for free. A variety of models you can use to work efficiently and be more productive. You can access your files from your computer, tablet, or smartphone even when not connected to the Internet.

Another essential feature of this tool is that all changes are saved automatically. Revision history is also tracked to see who made the changes and what changes were made to the document. The Google team is constantly adding new features and tools to Google Docs, making them even better. So, if you used Google Docs months or years ago, double-check the platform, and you will be surprised to find worthwhile new additions. Additionally, documents can be easily shared, allowing multiple users to edit, discuss, and comment on documents.

3. Zoho Workdrive

Zoho Work Drive is also beneficial in team management. It has an edit and share feature that makes collaboration with team members easier. Users can access it with their mobile applications, even on their web. With just a click, you can transfer files and documents. To keep files up to date, it enables file sync with pc and mobile devices. A data, device, and file management function can enable you to keep your files arranged.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox provides and simplifies team management, supports data,  and file security, and exhibits practical insights into the activity of a team. You can share your files or documents with others without any complexity. It can keep and save your files with robust and reliable online cloud storage. It can help you stay productive at your workplace or home as you work online. You can easily collaborate, edit and share files with team members or people you might be working with.


Many online tools can help users who wish to engage in online business or venture by making work less complex. Online works can be affected when the right tools are not used. For example, features like password protection, expiring links, and download permissions, and the likes can help you secure your documents.  In other words, only duly authorized people can have access to it as you want.

Your files can be protected from any form of deletion, hackers, viruses, and edits by preserving anything in your dropbox account for not less than a month. Other tools can help to merge files, editing them, and even sharing them.

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