The Dairy Is The Heart Of The Business For Sf Technicians

The Business For Sf Technicians

The Creamery, a café nestled in the middle of SoMa startups, is a magnet for the tech elite and those who want to be close to them.

Not long ago, while she was waiting for Caltrain, Ashley Mayer stopped by the Creamery to work.

Inside the spacious SoMa venue, amid a crowd of techs typing on laptops, a scruffy young hipster walked up and asked Mayer if she was single. Elsewhere, the man may have been preparing to ask Mayer out on a date. Now, in San Francisco, there remain more pressing concerns.

 The Business For Sf Technicians

“Hey,” the man said. “Just how would you similar to test the beta version of my application?” ”

So it is at the Creamery, where members of the San Francisco tech scene congregate and caffeine in equal measure. The 4-year-old café on Fourth and Townsend streets is a steady stop for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, tech journalists, and anyone looking to rub shoulders with the tech elite.

It also became a destination for doing business. A state cemented in February when venture capitalist Michael Arrington blogged that his company, CrunchFund, “has probably done … more business there than anywhere else.” place.”

 The Business For Sf Technicians

The dairy boom illustrates how the city’s tech boom is changing the neighborhoods it focuses on, elevating small businesses to must-see destinations and turning their owners into underage celebrities. It joined Cafe Venetia in Palo Alto and Mountain View’s Red Rock Coffee Co. in the pantheon of Silicon Valley coffee shops that have remained converted into outdoor meeting rooms for businesses large and small.

“Everybody needs to remain here,” said Aarthi Ramamurthy, co-founder of lingerie company True & Co., who recently stopped by The Creamery for lunch.

Ramamurthy and her husband moved from Seattle to Silicon Valley to look for tech jobs. They found that even in Palo Alto, where they had settled, potential business partners kept suggesting that they meet at the dairy. Eventually, the couple moved into a new apartment in San Francisco, a few blocks away.

Company Secrets

Perhaps this is the location between the transportation hub, Caltrain Station, the people magnet that is AT&T Park, and the bustling startup scene around it. Customers say they love the trendy design, which sculpted a modern cafe in a refrigerated room at the old Gilt-Edge Creamery, preserving the old wood beams and other hints of its industrial roots.

The menu meets the city’s requirements for locally grown and sustainably grown food; More than one customer was drawn to the sign advertising Ritual Roasters coffee served inside. The technicians appreciate the free Wi-Fi, and the management doesn’t care if you go camping for a while.

And lately, drinking coffee at the ice cream parlor has added benefit: you never know what you may be hearing.

When Microsoft bought the corporate social network Yammer last month for $ 1.2 billion, the news remained spread not through a corporate announcement or strategic leak but a Yammer employee at the dairy. Sarah Taylor, who works for recruiting firm Ignition Talent Group, heard the employee talk about the acquisition and mentioned it on Twitter 12 days before Microsoft confirmed it.

Arrington, who created the influential blog TechCrunch beforehand leaving last year to start his private equity firm, wrote that “if the afternoon is slow in San Francisco, the walk down the Creamery will almost end. It’s always an interesting thing.”

Irish Pen

Before arriving from Ireland, Ivor Bradley’s friends gave him some advice. In America, they thought, you need good shoes and a good bed. If you are not in one, remain in the other.

Bradley took the lesson seriously. He grew up one of 10 Galway children, the son of a university professor. And after earning a degree in hotel management. He moved to the East Coast to work for the Ritz-Carlton. In 1996 he came to San Francisco. Where he consumed the next decade working in hotels and restaurants.

He also got to know the tight-knit Irish community in San Francisco. Finally, He met Irishman Robert Mellett. Who had bought the Gilt-Edge property and hoped to build a restaurant there? Mellett aimed the new space, and Bradley took responsibility for its operations.

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