We Tested The Mac Face And Body

Tested The Mac Face And Body

I wanted to try this makeup base, and finally, I have it in my hands. The Face and Body is one of the most emblematic makeup of the MAC firm, designed to be used interchangeably on both the face and the Body.

And it is now that high temperatures are coming, it never hurts to have a product that helps us cover any imperfection, be it in the arms, shoulders, neckline, or even legs.

As you can see, its format is a plastic bottle that I particularly love. It is pretty significant, 120ml something a priori normal since it also makes up for the Body.

Texture And CoverageTexture And Coverage

The texture of this makeup base is very watery. It contains water among its ingredients. Being a very liquid base, when you spread it on the skin, it gives the feeling that it is a bit water with color, so it is a base with a very natural finish. It is very translucent on the skin while leaving a juicy and glow effect.

Since it is makeup, so I accuse its coverage is low. If we apply more layers, we get a little more range, but if it becomes too covering, we continue to maintain the naturalness without being excessively heavy.

What I like the most about this foundation is its results on the Body. The coverage is sufficient (at least for my skin), unifying the skin and leaving it satiny. If the color is perfect, nothing is noticeable. It looks like your own skin.

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What Type Of Skin Is This Base For?

If what you like is a very covering base to camouflage imperfections and spots or veins, this base is not what you are looking for. With the Face and Body, we manage to unify the tone, seeing fresh and luminous skin. Still, it is better for skin that does not have too many imperfections on the skin and is that although it is modulable, it does not become an excessively covering base.

On the other hand, I know that many of you look for makeup base on the quality that it mattifies and controls shine. With this base, you get quite the opposite, a pretty bright glow effect, so I do not consider it too recommended for oily skin.

On the other hand, looking for a base is naturalness, with extra hydration, with a juicy effect. For many applications that we give ourselves, the masking product remains not achieved. It may be your base, especially if you have normal skin or dry, its finish; I love that it is a beautiful effect. I have a little conflict. It contains dimethicone bone silicone, and I wouldn’t say I like this at all. I suppose many of you do not either, beyond the type of skin you have.


The tone that I have is the N1 which is a pinkish undertone. In the store, I also tried C1, which is the yellow undertone, and the truth is that with both, I looked good, but this is previously a matter of taste and skin tone of each one. I honestly am pretty satisfied with the acquisition.

And finally, the price, which is 35 euros. Just for its results as a base for the Body, I think it may be worth it, even more so if we compare it with its other great competitor, the MUFE Face, and Body that costs 32 euros and brings less than half the product, 50ml.

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