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Our partners are solution providers and experts in business innovation based on trends that include FINTECH, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, among others. They can help you digitize and grow your business.ADS Software

Our FENIX Administrative Accounting System presents functionalities according to the constant change of companies; Which has allowed us to obtain a System that is easy to use and adaptable to the user, more than 17 years of experience and development of FENIX.

We have been able to position ourselves as one of the safest alternatives within our market segment. We contribute to the growth of our clients, providing security and support in the acquisition of our Software; Were leaders in software development. In addition, we have products such as Ecommerce, App for sellers, App for wholesalers, mobile applications, and delivery.

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We develop systems for different industries with significant focus and extensive experience in commercial, marketing, and customer service areas. Our specialization is mainly for Web platforms, mobile phone apps, web apps. The focus of our solutions is primarily commercial, CRM, Loyalty Programs, accumulation of points, Simulators. Thanks to the tools we use, we can generate blueprints and prototypes that allow us to interact with the solution quickly and in time for any adjustment and correction. We support our work in the SCRUM methodology to make the client’s needs come true.

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For 25 years, we have provided solutions and integrated services with quality and safety. We specialize in processing financial transactions, collection and payment clearing, and information exchanges supported by a state-of-the-art teleprocessing network.

We operate the largest interbank network in Ecuador, with more than 5,900 ATMs, under the international security certification PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry)

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We are strategic partners of our clients, we are motivated by their challenges, and we seek to exceed their expectations by implementing creative solutions with agility and quality.

Our passion is to apply DESIGN THINKING and new technologies to generate innovative solutions in multiple industries.

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We are a company focused on enabling sustainable business development at the pyramid base through enabling technology. Our technological solutions strengthen small businesses and integrate them into the distribution and financing value chains.

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Throughout its 14 years of life, the company has remained dedicated to developing specialized training in Finance, Risks, Statistics, Information Technology, etc., and Software specialized in Finance and Financial Risks.

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Our mission is to promote the digital transformation of companies and end customers to achieve agility. This powerful platform will allow you to quickly adapt to changes in technology and economic conditions, increase profits and operational efficiency, and, most importantly, add real value to your network of businesses and customers. Our COBIS solution remains based on a dynamic partnership, a necessary combination of financial institution strategy (their vision, mission, and core values) and our operational solution (lean-agile approach and our customizable digital platform)

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I certify

We are the first accounting system in Ecuador, preferred by accountants and people in business for being friendly, easy to use, low prices, and always up-to-date with automatic reports from the SRI such as ATS, Form 103, and 104. What has made us the solution perfect for accounting for small, medium, and even large companies?

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Financial Software, Accounting, Electronic Billing, Processes (WorkFlow), Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence), and Artificial Intelligence.

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