Industry 4.0: Skills Aimed At The Future Of Work

Future Of Work In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, or else the fourth industrial revolution, is a new way of organizing the means of production. In it, the digitization of production processes in factories and jobs comes into play. In this way, new jobs are appearing, while others are disappearing. Every day it becomes more important to train in new technologies, programming, robotics, etc.  If you want to learn more about the job changes brought by Industry 4.0, keep reading! The option of taking a master’s degree in Industry 4.0 is a safe bet.

Looking To The Future

In Industry 4.0, we talk about the transformation of industrial employment. For the first time, an industrial revolution will have a human focus, navigating a more human factory. Digitization implies the adoption of new technologies and the emergence of digital natives. However, many of these greatly facilitate their learning and come to make our lives better. For example, we find new, more usable interfaces, augmented and virtual reality in different sectors, or the appearance of collaborative robotics (simple programming and capable of collaborating with people).

Likewise, new technologies bring with them a reduction in personnel. Many manual and automatable jobs remain replaced by machines capable of working longer hours and with greater productivity. It is advantageous when starting a new business—allowing to create a company with a lower initial capital endowment. In addition, these technologies improve our skills, getting us to do great jobs more efficiently. They save us hours of work and make our time more productive.

However, while these factors are favourable, Industry 4.0 and the future of work have a darker side. It is indisputable that jobs that follow repetitive processes are the most likely to be automated. It means that factory workers, clerks, or even taxi drivers can see how machines replace them.

Security infrastructure

Due to the complex connectivity of IoT. The data could remain exposed in the network; for that reason, advanced knowledge in security infrastructures remains required to develop IoT to the maximum and without worries.

Big data

IoT has a large amount of data that is updated daily. In addition, new amounts remain added. Therefore, companies need to filter it and avoid information that arrives repeated. Data, well treated, must offer a precise situation of the business and the keys to make it grow. Using artificial intelligence in conjunction with this data analysis can help companies get results faster and more efficiently.

Electrical engineering

Software and electronics engineers will remain in high demand in this future driven by IoT. They will be able to assist the development of embedded devices for mobile applications and effective radio communication.

The New Jobs In Industry 4.0

According to the report Technology at work, the future of innovation and employment, 65% of young primary school students will have jobs that do not exist today. In addition to putting 47% of the American workforce at risk. The leading technologies encompassing Industry 4.0 are artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT, and robotics. As expected, these technologies are spreading to other sectors such as medicine, the legal, or financial fields. The master in industry 4.0 covers most of the new technologies currently on the rise and will allow you to become a professional in the sector.

Many scientists are currently arguing that Industry 4.0 is likely to have two main implications for the future of work. The first is the need for responsible leadership: the second, the introduction of lifelong learning.

Responsible leadership is the emphasis managers have on making ethical decisions. They referred to the loss of earnings versus the loss of employment and other issues caused by new technologies. Lifelong learning believes that all jobs will become accustomed to capturing and learning further information throughout their entire career.

Industry 4.0 and the sharing economy will lead to the most important and radical changes in the market. The spread of the sharing economy requires a radical rethinking of production systems. She is having a significant impact on employment and work organization. It supposes a loss of work, especially in the middle and low levels. They remain replaced by automation.

Circuit design

To meet the requirements of IoT, chip and circuit designs will have to be adjusted and adapted, providing the amount and power of energy necessary for their correct operation.

The person who works with IoT is that of a versatile professional in various technological fields. Therefore, IT profiles that want to achieve professional success must take all these skills into account in the coming years. Skills Needed To Successfully Roll Out Industry 4.0

Facing New Technologies With A Master’s Degree In Industry 4.0

It is almost mandatory that students do not get stuck in a fixed field or study a rigid university career. On the contrary, they need to continue training, retraining and deepening new knowledge. Nowadays, it is necessary to keep pace with the times and the changes in the labour market to re-enter workers. Also, to the stagnant graduates and that the work they do today will remain automated in the future. With a master’s degree in industry 4.0, the student will function in any area of ​​industry 4.0. You will have the knowledge that remains applied to the productive growth of companies in various sectors.

The objective of the Master in Industry 4.0 is to provide students with training that allows them to face new technologies and acquire new skills. Thus giving greater weight to these skills to remain flexible and face recent changes.

The full impact of Industry 4.0 is still unknown, as many of the technologies are working in the early stages of development. Changes in our work culture also remain to be seen, but as these new technologies develop, the faces of some sectors will become unrecognizable.

For all this, we recommend that you do not stay behind and do not stop training. Sign up now! The Master in Industry 4.0 is what you have been waiting for.

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