The Phones With Best Camera That Have Analyzed In Months

The Phones With Best Camera 

Despite the sector’s maturity, there is a field where the main manufacturers try to distinguish themselves to give a coup that makes a difference: Photography and video. Thus, the most ambitious mockups integrate the latest market advances. Of course, those additional or less exciting specifications sometimes do not interpret into reality. And in others, we get big surprises.

These months have left us reviews of phones with outstanding Photography: yes, there are high-end ones, but there are also terminals that offer results above what you expect. According to our analysis, these are the phones with the best camera today, covering from 2020 to date.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro. Note: 9.75Huawei Mate 40 Pro. Note_ 9.75

The latest and most ambitious delivery of the Chinese firm came hitting hard this fall in the photographic field thanks to its rear configuration with a 50MP Ultra Vision main sensor. A 20MP ultra-wide and a 12MP telephoto lens whose results did not leave us indifferent: our review finds it to have the most versatile set of cameras. The improved processing experience is excellent. A mobile called to be a candidate for phone of the year. Excluding the impediment of the absence of Google services. For 1199 euros.

iPhone 12 Pro. Note: 9.50

This year’s Apple keynote arrived more assorted than ever thanks to the appearance of the iPhone 12 Mini, but an option that continues for another year is the Pro model. With a 12MP triple rear lens with LiDAR camera, the strong point in Photography is its realism, a bar that Apple has also raised in the video, in which case it has also improved its stabilization. According to our analysis, he is unrivaled in this. The Phones With Best Camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Note: 9.50

The analysis of Engadget is strong in this field since the headline we face the “blow on the table in photography we expected from Samsung mobile best to date.” More specifically, we summarize that the photographic quality has improved. Although the wide-angle is not up to expectations, in general, the results are very good with the new telephoto lens.

iPhone 12 Pro Max. Note: 9.50

The older brother of the latest batch of iPhone, the Pro Max, is positioned at the top of the table along with the medium Pro, both with their triple rear camera characteristics, identical in both cases. The results are very attractive, as you can see in our analysis, also highlighting its stabilization in the video, which “continues to establish a chair in mobile phones.”

Google Pixel 4a. Note: 9.25Google Pixel 4a. Note_ 9.25

Google is a heavyweight in Photography. With this Google Pixel 4a, those looking for image quality at a more reasonable price than what will reign in this article will find a great candidate. In fact, in our analysis we were strict: the camera is excellent, the best in its price range and one of the best on the market. For 389 euros

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Note: 9.25

A clear candidate for mobile of the year reinforces its proposal with the increasing functionality of the S-Pen. And in Photography? An ambitious configuration that returns great results, many customization options, and in our opinion. Perhaps the need for less aggressive and more natural processing.

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