Three Tips On How To Hire Tech Talent When You’re Not A Technician

 How To Hire Tech Talent 

Although answering questions on Quora, I’ve come across lots of questions from entrepreneurs and recruiters about how to employ non-technical tech talent. But, These particular questions prompted me to write this blog.

Seeking to hire tech talent without being a tech expert can be difficult, but there are several ways you can help you find the best person for the job without having to learn to code yourself.

So how should non-techies hire tech talent?

Tip 1: Identify The Company’s Technological Goals

How To Hire Tech Talent

As a recruiter, HR, or entrepreneur, start with a good understanding of the job and business requirements. Consult with a knowledgeable and experienced technical expert who can listen to your goals and recommend technical language, platform, etc., suitable for your business.

Once you’ve decided on the technology and the platform, now absorb and understand the role of hiring tech talent. For example, to say that you need a computer scientist doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t represent what you need. What you might need instead is a back-end software developer or an expert in creating product software.

Tip 2: Ask For Help

Once you have established your technology business goals, now is the time to make a clear list of the skills required. Also, Consult the technicians here. It is important to be extremely clear about the skills you are looking for and the responsibilities that new hires will have.

How to Hire Tech Talent

What should Entrepreneurs do?

If you are an entrepreneur hiring technicians for your startup

Consult a trusted friend in the industry.

If your business relies heavily on technology, consider having a technical co-founder or hiring a CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Consider working with collaborators by joining a local coworking space or business incubator, where you can network and leverage technology resources to help you better understand the industry.

What should hr and Recruiters do?

If you are a recruiter or HR, it is best to make sure that experts in this area are involved.

Bringing in more technical resources will help recruit technological talent. Gather your team of developers in a room and discuss hiring people like them

Ask team members if they know of any specialist expertise for a particular programming language. They can help you with the correct terminology for job descriptions and the skills to remain assessed.

Tip 3 – Attract the Right Tech Talent

How to Hire Tech Talent

Once you are clear on the correct technical details such as technology, platform, languages, and other skills required for the job, now is the time to spread the word.

When designing your job postings and job description to attract technicians, remember that technicians are not only looking for a large salary range but also other effective attraction magnets such as:

  • Possibility to work on challenges
  • Work on the latest technologies
  • Better work-life balance
  • Corporate culture

Although, Write a good job description. A good job description attracts not only candidates but also the right candidates. Create sure to include them in your job description.

Appropriate Job Title

  1. Appropriate Job Title – Use the appropriate job title that best expresses what the employee will be doing. Having the wrong job title will cause great confusion for both parties.
  2. List only what is required and what remains expected. Write down what you are looking for. Avoid unimportant information, such as details about who reports to whom or trivial administrative policies.
  3. Talk about the specific position – Provide a link for applicants to learn more about the situation. It gives applicants an idea of ​​what to expect if they work there.
  4. Tell your story: Facebook has a video on their career page to convey their culture and what it’s like to work on Facebook. It’s a compelling way to express your business goals, vision, and culture. It will help attract candidates with common interests.
  5. Benefits and advantages: Mention the benefits and advantages offeredAlso read:20 Business Ideas That You Can Start With Very Little Money (Even Free)How To Unblock Someone On FacebookHow to Create an Effective BOT on Facebook to Convert MoreRelated searcheshow to recruit for technical roles
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